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Best ways to brighten dull skin

There’s nothing dull about you, girlfriend! Why should your skin be any different?

Woman with glowing skin

that glow

There’s nothing dull about you, girlfriend! Why should your skin be any different?

The reasons for your dull skin may vary, but the end result always leaves you looking a little…blah. Fix it fast with these tips.



The surface of your skin is covered in dead skin cells. No matter how hard you try, you can’t moisturize dead skin – so get rid of it! Exfoliate your skin regularly to dispose of the flaky cells that dull your glow. The tool you use is up to you, exfoliating creams and cleansers work well, but so does a rough washcloth. Too much exfoliating can be damaging, so cut it back to about twice a week.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a brightening agent that does your skin good, and we’re not talking about chugging a glass of OJ. Rub some vitamin C oil on your skin each day to keep that complexion glowing.

Tip: If you have dark spots on your skin, look for skin brightening products, made to reduce pigmentation of the skin.

Wash at night

Too much washing might make your face squeaky clean, but it’ll also dry it out, giving it a dull look. Stick to a thorough cleanse at night to remove all the dirt and grime from the day. In the morning, just do a quick rinse with water – no soap – to freshen up. You haven’t gotten dirty and gross while you slept, so a quick rinse is enough.



Moisturize your skin twice a day – once after the morning rinse and again before you go to bed. In the morning, use a lighter moisturizer with added SPF protection. At night, use a moisturizer formulated for nighttime. It will be thicker, so it will stay on longer and work harder on your skin.



There are a million reasons why you should drink more water, and brighter skin is one of them. Drinking lots of water increases the blood flow to your skin, creating pinker cheeks and an overall healthy glow.


Minimal makeup

Why would you do all this work to make sure your skin is bright and healthy, only to dull it with a layer of makeup? Go as light as you can on makeup so you can keep that glow shining through.

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