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Child sponsorship: Food for the Hungry

Now it’s our turn to lend a hand. The SheKnows community is rich with resources, compassion and strength — and the children of Rwanda need our help. Learn more about the role you can play in child sponsorship. Your involvement can ease the lives of those in extreme poverty.

A beautiful relationship

Child sponsorship

This is not an infomercial, gimmick or guilt trip.

We hope the Rwanda experience and our partnership with Food for the Hungry has inspired hope and a willingness to participate in the betterment of community from a global perspective. The process is simple, but the results could not be more worthwhile.

SheKnows partners with Food for the Hungry >>

“Child sponsorship is a very beautiful relationship, a two-way relationship between the sponsor and the child in which the child is also benefiting, knowing they have someone from miles and miles away — a different country, even — knowing someone has taken the time and effort to actually provide financial and emotional support,” the Food for the Hungry programs director in Rwanda, Trisha Okenge, said.

Your contributions will have an immediate impact on the lives of these beautiful children. You can help them revitalize their shaken community and support movement toward a self-reliant, self-sustaining and better future.

sponsor a child

Your donations will build better schools and infrastructure; purchase livestock for villages like Rwimbogo; provide access to food, water and basic sanitary needs; and further technical training in fields such as agriculture and organization. Needs for all of these things will grow as the children in need grow up.

Help us break the shackles of extreme poverty and foster a proud and dignified future for the people of Rwanda.

Make participation a family goal. Challenge your children to save their allowance and set aside a gift for their brothers and sisters overseas. Study the culture and invite the excitement of learning about different people into your home. This opportunity can be an invaluable journey through empathy, compassion and selflessness that will surely enrich your family.

“When you see this stuff, how can you not want to do something, even if it’s in the littlest form,” Expedition Church volunteer Bryan Parkerson said. “It’s not even a sacrifice.”

Photo credit: Ted Willis

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