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Come, or stay: Should your pet join you on your next vacation?

We know you pet lovers consider your four-legged friends to be part of your family — but should you really bring them along on your family vacay? Well, it depends on the vacation. Ask yourself the following questions before bringing Fido along.

Dog with a suite case waiting for vacation

Will Spot spend much of the time in a hotel room?

If you’re going to be staying at a resort or hotel but not spending much time in the room, consider if Spot is going to have to stay behind… and whether or not he’ll like that arrangement!

For example, if you’re going to be spending much of the day exploring the city’s museums or amusement parks where pets are not likely welcome, Spot will end up stuck in the hotel room all day. If he’s an active pet, leave your pet at home with a friend or at a pet hotel.

However, if he’s the type of pet that prefers to lounge around alone while you hit the town, bring him along but make sure to give him extra special attention when you are back in the room with him, leave behind plenty of food, water and toys, and take him out for plenty of fresh air and potty breaks in between your sightseeing stints.

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Are you spending much of your vacation outdoors?

Check it out first

Check the facilities before you commit to bringing your pet to ensure that the grounds and accommodations are pet-friendly as well.

Whether you are going to the beach or camping in the woods, consider bringing your pet along. Most animals love spending time outdoors, especially if it means splashing in the surf and catching a Frisbee or hiking through the forest with their owners.

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Does your pet get anxious?

If your pet suffers from anxiety from even a short car ride, you may want to consider leaving him behind if your vacation involves a lot of travel. The anxiety that Fluffy may experience getting from point A to point B may not be worth bringing him along.

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Are you prepared to cater to your pet on your vacation?

From where you stay to where you dine and what you do on your vacation, having your pet by your side will largely dictate these decisions. Don’t drag your doggie along if you’re not going to be able to enjoy the things you want to experience on your vacation. However, if you are prepared to plan your vacation based on pet-friendly activities and accommodations, more power to you… and Peaches!

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What are vacations with your pet to you? A chance to relax, a chance to explore a new city,  stressful for pets and their owners or fun for the whole family…even four-legged ones!

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