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Find the right necklace for your neckline

V-neck, halter, one-shoulder, oh my. It can be tough enough choosing a neckline let alone trying to find the right necklace to go with it. If you’re stumped, we’re here to help you shop for necklaces that work with whatever neckline you’re wearing.

We asked Anson Gilbert, celebrity fashion stylist and style expert, for his insight into how to choose the perfect necklace for your neckline and also teamed up with fashion blogger Keiko Lynn to be our guest style editor and provide her favorite necklace picks!


V neckline

This classic neckline is a great way to draw focus away from broad shoulders and elongate your neck. “This makes the wearer appear taller and leaner, a strategy that celebrity stylists have used for years,” notes Gilbert. Because of these qualities of this particular neckline, it’s a good idea to look for a necklace with a strong central focus. “This means going for a chain link or other standard, classic link necklace with a pendant that hits at the center of the sternum,” he advises. “A classic dainty necklace with a charm or birthstone pendant is perfect.”

V neckline

Our picks: Wear this bold blue V-neck dress (, $156) with a delicate yet eye-catching bronze and crystal pendant (, $188).

Our Guest Style Editor chose this Pim + Larkin necklace (Piperlime, $38). As our guest style editor, fashion blogger Keiko Lynn says, “The shape of this necklace mimics the v-neck, creating a flattering line.” Meet her here!


Halter neckline

Pairing a necklace with a halter neckline can be tough. “Time and time again we see celebrities and pedestrians alike, getting this pairing wrong,” says Gilbert. “If you’re wearing a halter neckline with a keyhole at the bust or spacing in the fabric, you’re better off not wearing a necklace at all. If you’re wearing a halter with full frontal coverage, channel your inner Cleopatra and opt for an ornate collar necklace,” he advises.

Halter neckline

Our picks: Pair this pretty eyelet dress (, $188) with an elegant snake collar necklace (, $115).

Our Guest Style Editor chose this cleopatra collar (Karen London, $208).

One-shoulder neckline

This is another one of the trickier necklines to pair a necklace with, but it can be done. “Because of the asymmetry of this neckline, it is smart to play with necklaces that have texture and geometric components,” Gilbert days. He suggests pairing a one shoulder neckline with a necklace of playful proportions. “What’s key is making sure the necklace is long enough to clear at least two inches below the neckline.”

One shoulder neckline

Our picks: Pair this one-shoulder asymmetrical chiffon dress (, $228) with a playful beaded cluster necklace (, $150).

Our Guest Style Editor chose a simple triangle pendant (ASOS, $11).


Jewel neckline

Of all the necklines, this one is one of the easiest to pair necklaces with, explains Gilbert. “You can easily wear a bib necklace, a pendant necklace, a collar necklace or just about any style necklace that you’d like,” he says.

Jewel neckline

Our picks: Pair this Alice + Olivia striped jewel neck dress (, $297) with a mod-inspired bib necklace (, $245).

Our Guest Style Editor chose a coral statement piece (Bauble Bar, $28). “A jewel neckline is the perfect canvas for a statement necklace,” said Keiko.


Boat neckline

Since this neckline is so wide, it’s best to pair it with a longer pendant necklace. Or you can choose a collar necklace. “You can also go the route of playing up the regal factor of this neckline by choosing a collar necklace that kisses this neckline, but has some small charm or design element that hangs or dangles slightly lower than the neckline,” says Gilbert.

Boat neckline

Our picks: Pair this lively yellow boat neck dress (, $138) with this long Jules Smith pendant necklace (, $85).

Our Guest Style Editor chose a layered necklace with pearls and knots (J. Crew, $85).

Keiko Lynn as SheKnows Guest Style Editor

Guest Style Editor:

Popular fashion blogger Keiko Lynn is helping you master summer trends for all your outdoor activities.

You can meet her here >>

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