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Hairstyle tutorials for wet hair

Abby Smith

Whether you don’t have time to blow out your hair in the morning or you’ve been at the beach all day long, these are some of my favorite go-to “wet” hairstyles. You can wear these styles if you’ve just hopped out of the shower, or if your hair has got a great salty texture from the ocean or bottle!

A couple of things to remember

  • Your hair is most vulnerable to breakage when wet, so be careful you’re not tugging and pulling on it too much!
  • Dry hair will always look better than wet. Wet hair is just lifeless and blah. It sticks to your head and well… you’ve seen a wet dog before right?

We all know styling wet hair is not ideal. But sometimes it’s all you have to work with! Better make the best of it, right?

Let your hair air dry as long as possible — even if it’s for just a couple of minutes while you’re putting on your makeup. If you have zero time, let your hair air dry while you’re in the car or walking to school. As soon as you get to where you’re going, tease the roots just a bit (or not at all) and throw it back in a side braid or messy bun. Allowing your hair that extra time to dry will give your style some texture and volume.

I prefer styles that make me feel feminine. Leaving your bangs out and doing styles where you can see your hair from the front will help you achieve just that.

Your hair is your best accessory. Find the styles that you feel prettiest in, and then no matter how wet or dry or flat or voluminous your hair is, make sure to wear them confidently and proudly.

French braided top knot

French Braided Top Knot

Get the look

  1. French braid hair straight back.
  2. Pull hair up into a ponytail.
  3. Twist your hair around and secure in topknot.

Tip: Make sure to loosen your bangs from the braid. You want to create as much volume as you can.

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