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Float away this summer with this pet-friendly cruise line

In today’s world, pets aren’t just balls of fur who spend their time in our backyards watching the birds. Pets are family members who sleep on our beds, have their own clothing, and who go just about everywhere with us. So why not include your pet in your summer vacation? It may seem crazy to even consider taking your pet on a cruise, but one pet-friendly cruise line would beg to differ.

Dog on cruise ship

One of the biggest hassles pet owners face when going on vacation is what to do with their pets while they are away. For families who spend a lot of time with their pets, leaving them behind in a boarding facility just isn’t an option. However, that used to mean that vacations were limited to pet-friendly hotels or camping. Thanks to one pet-loving cruise line, your little companion can now travel the world with you.

Cunard cruise line

Isolated travel dog

If your dog fits the bill and you are both ready to set sail, there is one cruise line that allows pets on board. Cunard allows dogs and cats to come aboard their transatlantic cruises from New York to Southampton. The cruise line has a full boarding facility complete with 12 kennels. Your pet will have to stay in the pet area for the duration of the cruise, but you can visit him or her throughout the day. Space is limited, so consider booking a space for your pet well in advance.

If you do decide to take your pet on the cruise you can rest easy knowing that your pet will receive the same level of pampering that you do! Pets receive a goodie bag upon arrival and get to experience all the luxuries of a pet vacation including plush beds and all the toys they could dream of. The pet facility includes both an indoor and outdoor area so your pet can work on their tan and then take a nap indoors.

Cruise ship standards

Unfortunately you’ll be hard pressed to find many cruise lines offering the option to bring your pet. Cruise lines have to adhere to strict levels of cleanliness, which eliminates pets and their subsequent messes from coming aboard. In addition cruise ships sail into the ports of many different countries, and they are bound by the rules and regulations in each country. In many cases animals are subject to a period of quarantine before they enter a country. The duration of the cruise isn’t long enough to accommodate that, meaning vacationers and their pets would be stuck on the boat.

Health requirements

Your pet will need a pet passport to travel and will likely require a health check and up-to-date vaccination records. Check with the cruise line in advance to see what their requirements are. As a pet owner you know your pet the best, so consider if your pet would even be up for an ocean cruise. Much like humans, pets can suffer from seasickness, and the new environment could prove to be really stressful for your pet. Pets should be mild-mannered, in good health, and should get along well with other dogs and people.

Fly away

Unless you live near the port, you and your pet will have to book a flight, and each airline has certain regulations for pet travel as well. In some cases your pet will have to travel in the cargo area of the plane and, depending on where you live, the temperatures may make that impossible. If it is too hot or too cold, airlines will not allow pets in their cargo areas.

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