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Perfect skin starts with a good foundation

Do you want perfect skin? It all starts with your foundation.

Applying foundation to face

Let’s face it, foundation is intimidating. The right product and application may be just what you need, though, to achieve the look of perfect skin. SheKnows talked with Lucy Baldock, celebrity makeup artist and owner of Lucy B’s Apothecary, for her tips on foundation.

Choosing the right foundation

If you’ve ever spent any time in the foundation section of the makeup aisle, you know the choices are nearly endless. There are bottles, tubes and tubs, all filled with foundations of different consistencies. So which one is right for you?

“Foundation comes in many styles,” said Baldock. “Tinted moisturizers are wonderful as they usually contain a light amount of SPF coverage. A liquid or cream has the heaviest coverage, which is excellent for covering age spots and discoloration on your face and décolletage.”

isolated foundation

She also recommends you use different types of foundations throughout the year, since the surface of your skin probably changes with the weather. “What you need over winter may change through the summer months.”

The prep

Just like when you paint your nails, the color goes on a lot smoother if you prep the surface first. Baldock suggests using your regular facial moisturizer before the foundation application, and letting it soak in for a few minutes before you begin. “I find it helps your makeup sit nicer and longer, which is a plus!” she said.

Picking the right color

Your skin is probably not the same color all year long, so why should your foundation be? Your skin doesn’t suddenly get three shades darker overnight, though, so transitioning to the new shade gets tricky. Fortunately for you, Baldock has a solution.

“If it’s summer and you know you’ll be tanning, get one or two shades darker than you are now, along with one as you are now. Start to blend the two together so it’s your own custom color,” she explained.

The application

Foundation can be applied with a tool or with your fingers – it’s all a matter of opinion. Baldock uses sponges for her application and suggests latex sponges.

“I place quarter-size dots all over my face – on my forehead, both cheeks and chin and one on my neck – and I carefully blend using soft strokes towards my hairline,” she explained. “Mascara and a tinted lip gloss and you’re good to go!”

artist tip

Invest in quality sponges and wash them once a week.

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