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Milestone anniversary trip ideas

Anniversaries are a time to celebrate – just the two of you. If you can’t take a vacation every year, at least make an effort to travel somewhere together for the big ones!

Milestone anniversary trip ideas

Milestone anniversaries are the memorable ones – one year, five years, 10 years, 25 years and 50 years. While we fully recommend going all-out for your anniversary every year, sometimes that’s just not financially feasible or practical. At the very least, make it a goal to get away – just the two of you – for a romantic rendezvous on the milestone anniversaries. You’ll have plenty of time to save money for them, so there’s really no excuse not to. Plus, it gives you and your husband something special and romantic to plan and look forward to. Marriage is a big deal, and your milestone anniversaries should be too!

1-year anniversary

The wedding is officially behind you, and hopefully, you’ve had a chance to settle in, unpack and organize all your gifts and get used to life as a twosome. Most couples don’t have children on their one-year anniversary, so be open to splurging on a trip for just the two of you! Give the traditional gift of paper in the form of two airline tickets – to Hawaii or Fiji if you’re looking to relax, Colorado or Kauai if you’re looking for adventure or a Caribbean cruise if you’re hoping to combine it all!

5-year anniversary

Making it five years is no easy feat. The first five years are typically when your relationship is tested. You learn everything there is to know about one another – your communication style, each other’s style of living and all the little habits that you’ve become accustomed to (whether you like them or not). Usually you have a kid or two, so while you want to go on a trip, you may not have the means of spending thousands. Budget trip ideas include a romantic getaway in your town, camping by a local lake or letting loose in Vegas!

10-year anniversary

Life is the busiest it’s ever been. Most likely, you have a few kids in school, possibly a baby at home and are juggling being a mom, working, finding time for yourself and, oh yes – your relationship. A romantic trip is necessary at ten years! Book a trip to allow the two of you to reconnect and bond as a couple free from all distractions. Relive your honeymoon, head to Couples Swept Away in Jamaica or Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Whichever you choose, leave the kids – and phones – at home!

25-year anniversary

By now, the kids have left the house, and you’re probably just settling in to life as a twosome again. We suggest taking a fun-filled vacation once you hit the 25-year mark. You’re young enough to be active, enjoy a few drinks and let loose – so take advantage of that! Celebrate surviving parenthood and each other! Go on an Alaskan cruise, take a trip to Italy or check out the vineyards of San Francisco.

50-year anniversary

Making it to 50 years is extremely rare nowadays. If you’re one of the lucky ones to reach this number, you owe it to couples everywhere to celebrate big-time! First, throw a party with friends and family in your honor. Rent out a hotel banquet room, have catered food, dance and show a slideshow of your life together. Think of it as your second wedding – complete with a honeymoon the next day! Go anywhere your hearts’ desire, even if it seems a little extreme or out of your price range. Again, you owe it to couples everywhere. Enjoy yourselves!

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