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How to eat better so you look better

Looking to better your health and get your summer skin glowing? Have no fear — we’ve got tips for getting healthy from the inside out from Dr. Murad, named one of the country’s best dermatologists by Vogue magazine.

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“It is important to take care of yourself inside and out so that your body is working at its optimal level,” Dr. Murad says. And if you start with these basic rules, you’ll be on a healthy pathway to great skin.

You really are what you eat

Healthy skin is a direct reflection of what is being put in the body. The mom eating fast food five times a week is going to have much drier skin than the fully hydrated mom who makes sure to include the right food groups in her home cooked meals.

Keep your skin looking nice and fresh by considering what you’re putting in your body while making dinner, Dr. Murad says: “Eating water-rich foods prior to bedtime can set the stage for glowing morning skin and increased energy. Have a few walnuts and take an omega-3 and antioxidant supplement.”

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vitaminsOne A Day can keep bad skin away

One A Day has been proven to help achieve healthier skin as well as other health concerns. This particular pill acts as a multivitamin by serving your insides what they crave all while letting your face show just how healthy you really are.

“I recommend taking a One A Day along with an amino acid, omega-3 and glucosamine supplement,” Dr. Murad says. His rule of thumb for all supplements is that they should contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and hydrators.

“Antioxidants work to eliminate damaging free radicals, the cause of fine lines, pigment changes and textural irregularity in skin. The cell membrane is made up of good fats that are damaged by free radicals and cause us to lose collagen. This is why taking a glucosamine supplement is key to helping your skin look its best.”

How to keep up with the weather change

With the rapid change in seasons, you definitely have to change up a few of your beauty rituals. Temperature change can be a big influence on healthy skin, so pay close attention to how your skin reacts to the environmental change.

Here’s what the doc prescribes…

“I suggest taking a vitamin C supplement to brighten, [and] anti-inflammatory and omega-3 supplements to hydrate. Remember, skin health is not just taking supplements; it’s really following my 3-pronged Inclusive Health approach, which addresses topical, nutritional and emotional needs for optimal skin health.”

Goji berryWhen you feel good, you look good

Replacing your coffee with high energy level foods will further benefit your inner beauty, and therefore your outer beauty. “You have the most energy when you’re at your healthiest. For that extra boost, I suggest eating a handful of goji berries — one of the most nutritious foods in the world — along with a few walnuts and it’s a great way to get energy in the morning,” Dr. Murad said. These foods will keep your metabolism going and keep you full of life all day long.

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