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Deep cleaning for your kitchen

Kitchens are hard to clean. Built-up grease and grime may seem impossible to erase, but we’ve got the tips you need to make that room sparkle.

Woman cleaning her kitchen

These tips are all you need to make your kitchen shine like new!

Step 1: Declutter

Take a good look at your kitchen counters. How many of the things currently residing there actually belong on the counters, or even in the kitchen?

“Most homes have too much clutter. Removing that excess stuff is key to getting the house clean. You need to find a place to keep your books and magazines before you can begin to dust and polish,” says Curtis Timsah, marketing director of Squeaky Clean House. “If you need help, many cleaning companies also provide a decluttering service to customers.”

Step 2: Have a system

Don’t just walk into a room and start cleaning. For David Lieberman, owner and operator of Blue Spruce Cleaning Company, having a system is key to effective cleaning.

“I start at one point in a room, and then I clean in a circle around the room,” he says.

This method will keep you focused on one task, so you don’t get distracted and tackle another project before the first is complete. Scour the kitchen from top to bottom, so you’re catching dust and debris as it falls.

Step 3: Clean your appliances

Your appliances pick up dirt, grease, fingerprints and more. They can be tricky to clean, especially if they’re stainless steel. Meg Roberts, president of Molly Maid, has a way to make it simple.

“To clean stainless-steel appliances, use baby oil. This is a cheaper option than buying stainless-steel cleaner from the store, and it works just the same! Always remember to clean with the grain,” she says.

Colin Bishop, CEO and President of The Maids, says you’re not done cleaning your oven until even the knobs are spotless.

“Soak stove knobs in warm soapy water with mild detergent,” he says. “Wash with a soft cloth, dry and put back into place. Make sure you mark which knob goes where before you take them off!”

Step 4: Clean out your fridge

Leslie Reichert, “The Cleaning Coach,” says deep cleaning your kitchen is the perfect time to clean out the inside of your refrigerator too.

“Purge your refrigerator. It’s a great time to get rid of all the things you probably won’t ever use,” she says. “Take the fridge apart and give all the shelves a good washing with just a touch of dish soap and hot water. Also, wash down the walls and “floor” of the fridge too.”

Don’t forget the freezer while you’re at it!

“Get a cooler so you can store the food while you’re cleaning it out. Just use soapy, warm water,” she adds.

Step 5: Tackle the floors

If you have tile floors, don’t start scrubbing just yet. According to Sheila Jonson, manager of Unique Cleaning Solutions, you should vacuum or sweep your tile floor to remove all loose dirt and debris before washing it with a cleaning solution.


Lemon is a great anti-bacterial cleaner. Use it to scour your sink, a place where germs tend to collect.

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