Create a stunning spring tablescape

Tablescape decor can instantly set the tone for an occasion and transport guests into whatever atmosphere you’re hoping to create. As you host events this spring — dinner parties, showers and holiday celebrations — consider using these fresh elements to create stunning, timely tablescapes.

Spring tablesetting with lemons


Apples and oranges

Looking for a quick, budget-friendly way to decorate your tabletops for spring? Ariane Moore, Design Editor for Natural Child World magazine, suggests using fruit such as apples, pears, oranges and lemons. When displayed in decorative bowls, hurricanes or baskets, these fruits can stand alone as bright, colorful decor without requiring additional elements to adorn them.


Eggs in a basket

To create a spring-themed tablescape or centerpiece that’s whimsical and nontraditional, Moore suggests using real eggs in the decoration. “Eggs are another way to add a unique touch to your tablescape,” she says. “You can dye them to create a very festive look or you can hollow out the eggshells and place small flowers inside them.”

Flowers and other organic items


Wedding planner Wayne Gurnick of Moments by Wayne in California, suggests a variety of flowers and other elements found in nature that can be used to style a beautiful, spring tabletop display or centerpiece. He says, “Roses and lilies are always readily available. However for spring entertaining, it is ideal to choose from the seasonal varieties of tulips, hyacinth, hydrangea and flowering herbs to create an interesting and fragrant table display. Additionally, nature’s variety of greens and organic material such as smooth stones, mosses and even grasses add to the texture and look of the tabletop.”

In addition to these elements, Sarah Barnard, a Los Angeles-based interior designer, suggests a few other plants that can be used to create a stunning spring tablescape. She says, “Orchids and succulents are always a great starting place when considering plant material to use for a tablescape. Because they are most often displayed while planted, they offer a welcome escape from the standard cut floral arrangements. Another fantastic thing about choosing live plant material is that the owner’s enjoyment continues long after the dinner party.”

Look around you

Beyond fruits, flowers and other organic elements, you’re likely to find a wealth of other decorative options around and throughout your very own home. Moore explains, Many times you don’t have to look further than your own house. You can make use of things that you already have. However, for the items you can’t find at home, you can get items from any local arts and crafts store, a great florist, local nursery or farmers market.”


Still unsure about other kinds of items that can be used to decorate tabletops? Barnard suggests browsing design-related keywords on websites like Houzz and Pinterest. These sites are packed with images you can reference for inspiration to create your own stunning spring tablescape.

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