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Learn to speed clean like the pros

No one really wants to spend her precious free time cleaning the house. So why not steal a few speed cleaning tips from the pros… and free up your day for some fun!

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Step 1: Start at the top…

Robert Buehler, owner of Golden Maid Service in the Dallas, Texas area, says, “My number-one speed tip is to clean from the top down. If you start at the top, you’ll keep moving the dirt and dust down until it’s gone. If not, you can end up dirtying a lower area while cleaning a higher area.”

For those high and hard-to-reach areas, Jen Carter, product designer for neatHome by Unger, says using an extension tool will help you accomplish the job in record time. She says, “According to ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association), cleaning with an extension handle is up to 10 times faster than cleaning with a handheld tool and a ladder (not to mention safer). This applies to both high access and regular floor cleaning, so the time savings can be huge.”

Step 2: Vacuum and sweep

Evette Rios, BISSELL lifestyle expert?, suggests after the all-important top to bottom dusting (By the way, she suggests using an old sock versus a feather duster), that you sweep and vacuum on the daily. She suggests, “Each day, vacuum and sweep high-traffic areas in the home — like the kitchen and living room  — to clear up dirt, crumbs and hair.”

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Step 3: Do the dishes

Rios says, “A sink full of dirty dishes creates an instant ‘yuck’ factor.” Clean dishes in the sink and empty the dishwasher daily to help keep the kitchen clear of dirty dishes.

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Step 4: Make the bed

Rios notes that a little thing like making the bed can make each bedroom seem “neater and more pulled together.” She adds, “Make the bed every morning for an instant room makeover.”?

Step 5: Scrub the bathroom sink

For an instant shine in the bathrooms, wipe down bathroom countertops, sinks and faucets to keep the mess to a minimum since the sinks and countertops “take a hit from left-behind residues like toothpaste and soap scum,” says Rios.

Step 6: Clear the clutter

Your home will look a lot cleaner when the clutter is cleared. Rios advises, “Take the time to put items back where they belong, arrange books and magazines, pick up dirty clothes, and fluff and straighten throw pillows.”

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Buehler of Golden Maid Service agrees, adding, “Never leave a room empty-handed. If you’re moving from one room to another, make sure you take any items from the first room that belong in the next — like those empty dishes in your bedroom should go to your kitchen when you have to go grab a new trash bag.”

Step 7: Add a fresh scent

For a finishing touch on your freshly speed-cleaned home, Rios suggests topping “light bulbs with a few drops of vanilla extract. Turn the lights on. The heat from the bulb will heat up the extract and make the room smell delicious.”

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