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Product review: NuMe Curling Wand

Loose, flowing waves are a staple of spring and summertime. They represent the relaxed essence of the warmer months. But how can you easily achieve the perfect beach waves? SheKnows reviewed the NuMe Curling Wand and put it to the test.

NuMe curling wand review

NuMe curling wand

When it comes to getting perfect waves and loose curls, NuMe prides itself as one of the best. But does it boast too soon? After using the 32mm NuMe Classic Curling Wand, I noticed rapid results. The curling wand comes with a glove and directions on how to use the classic curling wand. For someone who still uses an old-school curling iron, the NuMe curling wand was a pleasant surprise.

The functionality

You can wrap your strands around the curling wand in any way, giving you different results each time. The amount of hair you use when curling makes a difference, as well; for tighter waves, use less hair. But the waves I wanted were loose, beachy waves, so I grabbed about an inch and a half of hair to wrap around the wand.

NuMe curling wand argan oilThe results

Before I started curling, I ran NuMe’s argan oil through my locks. Not only did it make my hair feel slightly silkier, it also smelled amazing — plus, it helps protect against the heat. As I wrapped a couple inches of hair around the wand, each piece of hair curled within 10 seconds or less, giving me wavy beach hair in less than 10 minutes. After I brushed my hair out, my waves turned into soft, retro waves a la Veronica Lake. These are actually my favorite type of waves, so I was thoroughly pleased. I think it’s time to throw out the ol’ curling iron and make the NuMe Curling Wand my new resource for perfect waves.

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