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The best neon colors for your skin tone

Summer has finally arrived, and that means it’s time to start breaking out the brights! We asked our experts to shed some light on the hottest neon colors to rock for your skin tone.

Emma Stone wearing pink lipstick

Pale or fair skin

Your most flattering shades: Dark neon purple or hot pink

What the experts have to say: If you’re a blonde babe with more pale pinkish or yellow undertones and have light eyes, makeup artist and hairstylist Dee Eiwasian from Assembly Salon in Los Angeles says you’ll look stunning in bright blues, bold greens and deep neon purples. In general, permanent makeup specialist Jennifer Calderon of Dermatology Depot Medical Spa in West Palm Beach, Florida, agrees that dark neon colors like purple tend to work well on lighter skin. You can also try a pop of hot pink on your lips, which is the perfect shade for transitioning from day to night, according to Nikki Cullhaj, makeup artist at Pierre Michel Salon in New York City.

Fergie wearing bright orange eye makeup

Medium skin

Your most flattering shades: Bright coral, orange and yellow

What the experts have to say: To bring their yellow undertones to the forefront for a glowing look, women with this type of skin should sport neon yellow, orange or tangerine, explains Singer22 CEO and founder Jon Singer. As far as makeup goes, a gorgeous coral lip color or vibrant yellow eyeliner will complement medium skin tones too, says Nikki.

Eva Mendes wearing turquoise eyeliner

Olive skin

Your most flattering shades: Electric red/orange, lavender and turquoise

What the experts have to say: Lucky for you, olive skin pairs perfectly with pretty much any kind of neon color, informs Nikki. Some of her favorites include lavender nail polish and turquoise eyeliner for a cool look on warm skin. Red/orange lipstick is also a no-fail go-to for girls with olive complexions. Don’t be afraid to experiment with neon yellows, pinks or greens either!

Rihanna wearing fuchsia lipstick

Dark skin

Your most flattering shades: Fuchsia, purple and neon blue

What the experts have to say: While dark skin can be slightly tricky to pull neon colors off on, Nikki reveals that the key to keeping your entire makeup look classy is selecting hues that don’t make the trend seem cheap. She recommends opting for a bright purple pout or fuchsia eyeliner or eyeshadow a la Rihanna. Neon blue nail polish is another fab choice. Overall, remember that lighter brights typically contrast the best against darker complexions, points out Jennifer. Pick one feature to highlight with a bold shade, and use neutrals to play up the rest.

Keiko Lynn as SheKnows Guest Style Editor

Guest Style Editor:

“Neon pink is my go-to. Whether in clothing, accessories or makeup, it pairs well with both my pale skin and my dark hair.”

Meet our guest style editor and fashion blogger Keiko Lynn >>

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Photo credits: Brian To/ Apega/, Adriana M. Barraza/, Nikki Nelson/ WENN

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