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How to pack carry-on luggage

Are you trying to figure out how to squeeze everything into your carry-on bag? Don’t worry; we have a list of steps that will help make packing much easier!

 How to pack carry on luggage

Packing for a vacation is hard whether it’s for three days or a few weeks, so we’ve put together a guide to help ease the process. If you follow these key steps you should be able to zip your luggage shut, without having to sit on it!

Step 1: Pick your bag

Picking your bag is super-important because you need to make sure it’s big enough for every little thing you want to pack. However, keep in mind that it’s going to need to be small enough to meet your airline’s requirements for carry-on luggage. We also suggest you pick a bag you’ll be able to lift yourself in case you have to store it in the overhead bins.

Step 2: It’s all about location

Your destination will help you determine what’s necessary and what you can go without. When you’re trying to decide this, think about the events and activities you’ll be participating in on your trip. Are you going on a recreational trip or is this for business reasons? How’s the weather? Answering simple questions like these will guide you in choosing the right items to bring.

Step 3: Ready or not

OK, now that we’ve got everything you’ll need on this trip laid out, it’s time to make sure we didn’t forget any of the little things. Take the time to go through your own daily rituals in your head and make sure you’ve got everything you would usually look for. This can be anything from hair ties to face wash. Little things have the power to completely throw off your day, so remembering them is key.

Step 4: Order is everything

Shoes always go in the bag first! This will prevent you from having to crush them in your bag on top of everything. We suggest packing shoes, clothes and then personal hygienic items, in that order, for the best results.

Step 5: Roll it up

Rolling your clothes burrito-style will help to make things fit easier. It also allows you to see exactly what you’ve packed without having to keep rearranging your luggage. If you have a certain blouse you’re afraid to get wrinkled, feel free to fold that item normally and place it on top of the burrito-rolled clothing.

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