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How to use Mason jars for a wedding

Curious about how many different ways you can use Mason jars for your wedding? We’ve gathered up a few cute ideas on how to use them in fun and creative ways.

 How to use Mason jars for a wedding

Idea 1: Beverage containers

Perfect for an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to artistically place these jars around a punch bowl and let your guests help themselves to a new and creative way to sip! You can also provide cute little ID tags so that no-one is confused about whose jar is whose. Check out some inspiring examples here.

Idea 2: Photo holders

Capture the memories one Mason jar at a time. Placing your photos in a Mason jar is an adorable way to showcase photos of you and your beau, and it takes no more than a few seconds to set up. All you have to do is get your selected photos sized and printed so that they will fit inside the jar. Simply drop your photos inside so that they are standing upright or leaning against the side of the jar to make a unique photo display that looks like this.

Idea 3: Bubbly gift jar

We ran across this idea recently and fell in love with its uniqueness. All you have to do is get your hands on a couple gallons of bubble mix, create your own individual bubble wands and combine the two into each Mason jar to make a fun little guest bubble jar. Have your guests blow bubbles instead of throwing rice — it’s sure to make your wedding pop! DIY here.

Idea 4: Hanging lantern

Once the sun goes down, these Mason jar lanterns will awe your guests. Surprise your friends and family with these gorgeous DIY light fixtures that will be sure to make your night even more magical. You’ll want to hang these everywhere! Try it for yourself with a more detailed description here.

Idea 5: Candlelit centerpiece

Set two or three Mason jars (different sizes work best) in the center of each table and place candles in each one of them. Light the candles before the guests arrive so that the wax starts to melt at the bottom of the jar. Add a bouquet of flowers in between the jars for a little extra color or tie ribbons and bows to finish off for extra detail to look like this.

Idea 6: Chair decoration

We’ve seen many different ways to decorate using Mason jars, but this one is our favorite. These crafted jars can be used as decorations for the end of every row of chairs for the ceremony. First, fill the Mason jar half-full of water, then place flowers in them (like a vase). Then use ribbon or lace to tie around the mouth of the jar to the arm or top of the chair. Let the Mason jars hang off the chairs, creating a beautiful end piece like this one.

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