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Modern day beauty role models

We all know the classic beauty icons — Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, the list goes on — but what about modern day beauty idols in the making? These lovely ladies are making their mark on the world and earning a place in our hearts for their modern approach to the word beauty.

Celebrity beauty role models


Lena Dunham

The voice of our youth? Yes, indeed! Lena Dunham proves over and over again that brains are way more beautiful than a bodacious bod. The multitalented actress, writer and director’s hit HBO show, Girls, has changed the way our culture talks about sex and her “I don’t care” approach to looks has altered the way we look at beauty. Unapologetic for her looks and weight, Lena has won her way into our hearts and onto the upcoming pages of Playboy. Take that, skinny minnies!

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We like unconventional beauties, and Pink tops that list any day. Unafraid to rock out-there hair colors and in-your-face fashions, Pink is the prime example of a gal who’s comfortable in her skin and not shy about expressing her opinion. Turns out we’re not the only ones who appreciate Pink’s nouveau approach to looks. CoverGirl tapped the singer as one of their recent spokesmodels and changed the way America defines a cover girl. Pretty amazing, right?

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Demi Lovato

A personal fave here, Demi Lovato is rapidly making her way into the beauty books as a true role model for young women. Open about her experience with bullying and eating disorders, the star seems to have finally come to a self-loving place, and we couldn’t be happier for her. Demi is inspiration that you can get past body insecurity and come to accept and respect your beauty, and that’s something we could all learn from.

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Jennifer Hudson

From unknown to Idol, Jennifer Hudson has had quite the rise to fame. But it’s her approach to her health that has us enamored. Rather than shrink down to an unhealthy size, Jennifer toned up the right way as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. The result? A beautiful, curvy body and a kickass view on beauty.

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Lea Michele

On Glee, Lea Michele plays Rachel Berry, a talented, somewhat obnoxious gleek that we all love. In real life, the actress plays the role she’s most comfortable with: herself. But it took some time to get there. It’s no secret that Lea is beautiful and multitalented, but she certainly faced a few obstacles in her rise to fame. With pressure to get a nose job, Lea stayed strong and turned to her inspiration, Barbra Streisand, to realize that she is fine the way she is.

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Jessica Chastain

Fair-skinned gals, rejoice! Jessica Chastain and her classic siren beauty show us that beauty doesn’t come in a spray bottle or in a tanning bed. We’ve long admired her Jessica Rabbit looks and sophisticated acting chops, but Jessica’s flawless porcelain fair skin is another one of her finer assets. Take that, Jersey Shore girls!

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Photo credits: FayesVision/ (Lena Dunham), Adriana M. Barraza/WENN (Pink), Nikki Nelson/ (Demi Lovato), Nikki Nelson/ (Jennifer Hudson), FayesVision/ (Lea Michele), Nikki Nelson/ (Jessica Chastain)

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