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Deborah Lippmann debuts ice cream-inspired nail polish line

Trying to find a new way to sweeten up your mani and pedi? Look no further — we’ve got a treat your nails won’t be able to get enough of.

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Trying to find a new way to sweeten up your mani and pedi? Look no further — we’ve got a treat your nails won’t be able to get enough of.

The sun is creeping its way out and sandals are about to be in season, so that means it’s time to pick your favorite nail polishes for the spring. We have the inside scoop on three Deborah Lippmann polishes that are going to be a big hit this season.

Chill out

Lippmann is a celebrity manicurist who took cooling down to a whole new level when she came up with her Staccato spring ’13 collection of three ice cream-inspired nail polishes. All of the polishes are available online for $19 each. Not only are these polishes adorable, they are also healthy for your nails because of the combo of biotin, green tea and aucoumea. Good for your nails, sweet as ice cream and cute — triple win!

If any of these fabulous ice cream themed polishes were sold at Cold Stone Creamery, we’d have to order the “gotta have it” size! With spring colors as their base and matte black glitter specks, these polishes will be an extraordinary accessory for your outfit.

Here are Lippmann’s polishes that will have your taste buds going crazy:

I’m Not Edible!

I’m Not Edible!

The I’m Not Edible color will surely get your taste buds going, but as its name suggests, please don’t eat it. Instead, try wearing the panicked pink color to the beach or as an everyday color all spring long!

Rockin' Robin!

Rockin’ Robin!

Rockin Robin is definitely… rockin! This is our favorite out of the three simply because mint is definitely in this season. After applying this polish, you might get a craving for mint chocolate chip ice cream, but it’ll be well worth it!

Polka Dots and Moonbeams!

Polka Dots and Moonbeams!

What tastes better than Oreo ice cream? Don’t worry — we’ll wait for your response while our Polka Dots and Moonbeams polish dries. This color is super cute and it’s perfect for the working woman who doesn’t want a polish that’s too much for the office.

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