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How to get Coachella style

The Coachella music festival is known for two things: great music and hippie fashion. Hippie-inspired outfits have bombarded the fashion industry and are sure to keep trending. Let your free spirit shine with these inspirations for how to dress like a Coachella-goer.

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler at Coachella

Step 1: High-waisted shorts

You can’t go wrong with high-waisted shorts, especially at this vintage-inspired music festival. With beginnings in the ’60s, these shorts will be in fashion for a long time. Find cute styles at some of our favorite clothing stores like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel.

Step 2: Crop top

Crop tops and high-waisted shorts were clearly made to be worn together. Combine a cute crop top with vintage denim high-waisted shorts and sandals to complete your Coachella-inspired outfit. Crop tops are also easy to find, and our favorite places to find them are at Forever 21, Free People and Brandy Melville.

Emma Roberts at Coachella

Step 3: Fringe purse

Wondering what purse goes best with your outfit? Leave your old one behind and grab one of these fringe purses at Polyvore to stash your wallet, chapstick, sunscreen screen and other necessities in. Polyvore has combined all of their favorite styles, meaning less search time for you.

Step 4: Shoes

With so many shoe options out there, it’s tough to narrow it down to only a few different styles. However, we suggest these oxfords, Chucks and ankle boots (or anything similar) as some of the best options to pair with your new outfit. The key to pulling off a great outfit is the shoes, so be careful when choosing them, ladies!

Step 5: Oversized sunglasses

Whether you live in sunny Florida or rainy Oregon, it is completely necessary to own at least a few pairs of oversized sunglasses. We found the cutest vintage sunglasses at ASOS, check it out for yourself. They’re unique and have a stylish retro vibe.

Step 6: Fedora or sun hat

Last but not least, top off your outfit with a cute sun hat or fedora. We love pairing a sun hat like this one from Urban Outfitters with a sundress and low ankle boots. Get creative with the colors, don’t worry about matching every article of clothing and most of all… have fun with it!

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