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20 Most memorable pet videos of all time

Happy dog
pet videos

These sweet animals will make your day

Pet lovers around the world can all agree that our animals are not just pets but rather members of our families. These videos capture all the best qualities that our furry friends have to offer and prove that animals truly do have personalities and a deep love for their people. We’ve rounded up the funny, the amazing and the emotional videos that will brighten your day and have you hugging your pet a little tighter.

Grab the tissues!

We couldn’t complete this list without throwing in a few tearjerkers. These videos pay testament to how truly special dogs are, and we have a feeling that if you have a heart, you’ll pretty much melt over these. Get your ugly-cry faces ready!


Welcome home!

The internet is filled with dogs greeting their owners after long deployments, and we could spend hours watching each and every one. This video proves that your dog does know who you are, she misses you while you are away and she absolutely loves you no matter how long you are gone.


Here comes the sun!

This video gets us every time, regardless of how many times we watch it. These sweet beagles have spent their lives in a laboratory, and we get to see their first steps in green grass. You’ll fall in love with these dogs and think twice about using animal-tested products.



We couldn’t resist this video as the entire situation is nothing short of a miracle. This dog was found on debris in the middle of the ocean after the tsunami in Japan. After a dangerous rescue that was amazing in itself, the dog gets reunited with his owners. It’s hard to tell whether the dog or the people are more excited!


A boy and his dog

A child’s relationship with a pet is often a truly special thing to see. Watching this dog gently interact with a little boy had us sobbing at our desks — in the best way possible. Watching the slightly scared little boy open up to this sweet pup will make your day.

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