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20 Most memorable pet videos of all time

pet videos

These sweet animals will make your day

Pet lovers around the world can all agree that our animals are not just pets but rather members of our families. These videos capture all the best qualities that our furry friends have to offer and prove that animals truly do have personalities and a deep love for their people. We’ve rounded up the funny, the amazing and the emotional videos that will brighten your day and have you hugging your pet a little tighter.

Just plain awesome

Sometimes, animals do things that completely amaze us, and these videos are just a few examples. Whether you appreciate a good trick, a dog who gives back or unlikely friendships, we’re pretty sure you’ll think these pet videos are as awesome as we do.


Beer me

If there were ever a good reason to get a dog, this might be it. This brilliant Lab not only gets his owner a beer, but he even shuts the refrigerator door.


An unusual friendship

The unlikely bond between certain animals blows our minds, and this video is no exception. Humans could likely learn a few lessons from this sweet relationship between a dog and a dolphin.


A philanthropic surfer

We bet you’ve never seen a dog on a surfboard… until now. What makes this surfing pooch even better is that she is raising major money for charity as well. Don’t worry — it made us think our dogs were inadequate, too.



If your dog is bored, no need to get him another dog — get him a horse! These two could likely entertain themselves for hours with a fun little game of tug-of-war. We love to watch two animals who don’t often interact completely enjoy each other’s company.


Hero or lunch?

If we were the betting type, we’d bet that if an alligator and a cat had an encounter, that the cat would soon be a tasty lunch. We would have lost that bet. You must see this unlikely David and Goliath scenario to believe it.


Sing me to sleep

It turns out that baby humans aren’t the only ones who appreciate a nighttime lullaby. These sweet puppies are lulled to sleep by a little tune sung by the owner. It is cute — possibly one of the cutest things we have ever seen!

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