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L’Oreal 48 Hour Ideal Moisture Lotion review

Very often, beauty pursuits are a bit like the search for the unicorn, which you know should exist but doesn’t. And scrubs, exfoliants, cleansers and the entire arsenal of beauty products all packaged oh-so-nicely promises the moon but leaves you very much on planet Earth. L’Oreal’s new Ideal Clean cleansers and moisturizers don’t really promise the moon, but they do promise ideal, clean and hydrated skin. See why in our review below.

L'Oreal Ideal skincare line

The simplicity of the entire collection won me over because it was not about the next new miraculous ingredient or a unique fragrance… it was just about giving you ideal skin.

The Ideal Clean Collection offers two gentle formulas, which aim to remove dirt, oil and tough eye makeup — it performs wonders on waterproof eye liner and mascara. The Ideal Clean Foaming Gel Cleanser ($5) lathers beautifully, cleans the skin without stripping and leaves no filmy residue. A bonus? It also targets pore size to help minimize their appearance. The Ideal Clean Towelettes ($5) remove makeup, banish dirt and oil and are perfect for sensitive skin.

The cleanser is a great option for daily use. It’s ideal for acne-prone skin because it leaves your skin feeling thoroughly (but not squeaky) clean — and no residue. Plus, true to its promise, it gives you a nice boost of hydration. We also would recommend this cleanser for sensitive skin because the fragrance is not strong or harsh. Two thumbs up!

The Ideal Moisture Collection also offers lightweight products and lotions that thoroughly hydrate. They’re the everlasting gobstopper of moisturizers, really, with the promise of 48 Hour Protection (clinically proven). Since they are lightweight, they won’t clog pores. The three basic oil-free moisturizers ($7 each, for Dry, Sensitive and Normal Skin) are good for use during the day and have SPF 25. There’s also an Even Tone formula that’s available in both a day and night version. Tourmaline is added to give you a radiant glow.

We tried the 48 Hour Normal Skin Day Lotion and were impressed at how light it was: think souffle light! The best part is that it hydrated the skin but also withstood the wear and tear of the day very well. Obviously, we couldn’t test it for a full 48 hours (we do like to wash our faces from time to time) but we’re glad to say that it lasted throughout the day without leaving our skin parched and wanting more.

The Ideal Day Lotion Even Tone ($7) was a bit trickier to evaluate. It is hard to see the evening out of skin tone in a matter of days, but the skin-softening component was definitely present (as the product advertises). Infused with antioxidant vitamin E, this lotion feels light and lasts a while as well. The product does say that you will see results in four weeks, and we’ve been using ours for a few weeks with much success. Plus, the price point is highly attractive too.

L’Oreal’s new Ideal Skin and Moisture Collections are impressive, by any standards, and the agreeable prices are an added reason to stock up on these beauties.

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