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New spa treatments for mom

Whether you are a new mom or have grade school children, spa treatments are always a treat, if not a necessity! Spa treatments have moved past just pampering and relaxing — now they fix flaws and help us regain our glow.

Laser treatment on stomach

Here are some noteworthy treatments that moms should consider working into their budgets.

Laser to reduce stretch marks

We all love our babies, but the one thing that we could do without are the stretch marks that accompany the stretching and relaxing of our skin. While nothing can permanently remove stretch marks, there are some promising new treatments.

The FDA recently approved Palomar’s fractional laser treatment for stretch marks. The lasers work by delivering high-precision microbeams which stimulate the body’s natural healing process to create healthy new tissue and formation of new collagen. The result for moms is a diminished appearance of stretch marks. The treatments are done once per month over a five month period of time. While not cheap — each treatment will cost approximately $750- $800 — the results are significant.

Body wraps to beat bloat

New moms (and moms in general!) are usually time-pressed to fit in exercise on a daily basis. While getting even 10-20 minutes of exercise every day is beneficial, sometime it’s just not enough. This is where slimming body wraps come in very handy! The process can look like something out of a horror comedy, but the results are motivating.

Companies like LA Slimwrap use bandages dipped in a patented herbal potion that are then carefully wrapped around every part of your body. After you are “mummified,” you step onto an elliptical machine and move for approximately 50 minutes. Finally, you are unwrapped, feeling lighter and slimmer.

Results do vary, but most people lose inches on various parts of their body. Depending on the type of wrap you choose, they can cost between $135-$200. For best results, LA Slimwrap recommends three wraps done within 10-15 days of each other.

Detox in an infrared sauna

Infrared saunas are another unusual “spa treatment” for moms. While a regular sauna increases your body temperature by heating the air, an infrared sauna only heats your body using lights (and at a lower temperature, making it a good option if you cannot tolerate the heat of a traditional sauna).

The process is simple: You step into a private room with a special infrared sauna unit (some infrared spas have televisions and music in the room as well). The sessions are typically 45 minutes long and the heat increases gradually. Infrared enthusiasts claim that the units help to decrease pain, induce sweating (and detoxification) and increase circulation.

While these claims have not been “medically proven,” one thing is for sure — these saunas give you a place to relax! I call these “mommy cocoons” and you can delight in the quiet heat while sipping on cucumber water and catching up with the latest gossip magazines. I highly recommend these to moms who need a time out!

Lymphatic drainage for glowing skin

Karin Herzog's Essential Mask

While lymphatic drainage facial massages have been used by estheticians for years to promote glowing skin, only recently have we become more aware of this technique and how important it is to stimulating the skin for a beautiful glow. At the spa, look for facial treatments that start with an exfoliating treatment to remove the top, dull layer of skin (such as a diamond peel or enzyme peel), followed with an oxygen-infusing treatment (to hydrate and plump stressed skin).

Next, your treatment should be followed with a lymphatic drainage facial massage. The lymph drainage system is our body’s natural way of detoxifying itself. If this system gets clogged up, the result can be dull, tired skin (especially for overwhelmed new mommies). Once this system becomes unclogged, toxins can be effectively removed from our bodies, resulting in glowing, radiant skin.

If you can’t get to the spa for a facial treatment, try doing a facial massage at home. Using your fingertips, gently apply pressure from your forehead, nose, cheeks, jawline, chin and neck. Follow your massage with an oxygen mask such as Karin Herzog’s Essential Mask (, $60).

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