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Help your hair battle summertime water activities

It’s summertime, the living is easy… and the last thing you want to worry about while hanging out in the pool is what damage the water could be doing to your hair. With lots of family vacations, pool parties and days spent in the water, it’s important to know how to take care of your hair. Whether you’re an ocean surfin’ babe or a bathing beauty in the pool, the different types of water can definitely have an effect on your hair.

Woman sitting by pool

leave in conditioners.Pool water

Pools are so much fun to splash around in with your friends, a great way to work out and the perfect place to relax. However, the chlorinated water can have a harsh effect on your hair and cause significant damage. It’s much more likely that, after pool use, color treated hair will fade and your natural hair color will lighten. The chlorine eats away the protective natural oil sebum.

Ways to prevent damage: Get your hair wet with tap water before getting in the pool and rinse it again when you get out. If you are in the pool a lot, try a swimmer-friendly shampoo and replenish the nutrients the chlorine stripped away with hair masks and leave-in conditioners.

Matrix Biolage HydratingSalt water

Salt water can help you create the ultimate beachy waves and is a great styling tool for thin or fine hair that needs volume. However, too much salt water on a consistent basis has the potential to have adverse effects on hair. Salt water without rinsing can lead to dryness. Hair can lose strength, elasticity and shine.

Ways to prevent damage: If you have some serious beaching planned for this summer, combat the salt’s effects with a moisturizing shampoo like Matrix Biolage Hydrating or Redken All Soft shampoo.

Lake waterKenra clarifying shampoo

Although lakes may seem like the lesser of all the evils, they can still cause some damage. Lake water comes from streams, rivers, and rain and gets mixed in with pollution, boat gas, fish stuff and other things we don’t know about.

Ways to prevent damage: Just like with other waters, get your hair wet before getting in and rinse it when you get out. It’s the best way to protect your strands from harsh pollutants. If you’re spending the summer at the lake, it would be worth it to invest in a clarifying shampoo such as this one from Kenra and a great moisturizing conditioner.

And now you are prepared to take on your summer! Do you have your summer all planned out? What bodies of water will you be visiting? Let us know, and remember, take care of your hair!

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