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4 Habits that are wrecking your beauty routine

Let’s just put it out there — some of our habits are really gross. They seem harmless like biting a nail off, falling asleep with makeup on and getting the gross pus stuff out of your pimple, but in reality, these habits are wrecking your beauty routine.

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There are so many germs being spread by each of these actions we can’t even count that high. I can count to four, though, and so here are four gross habits and four ways you can break them.


Don’t: Pick… anything!

This includes ingrown hairs, zits and scabs. Did you know that more than a third of the population is also guilty of picking? However, just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you should. Picking at your scabs, pimples and ingrown hairs can cause infection making things even more complicated! It can also lead to scars.

Do: For scabs, just leave them alone — they will take care of themselves! If you get a pimple and just can’t seem to quit touching it, put a dab of a clay face mask or hit them with some benzoyl peroxide and you should see it disappearing by the next day. Ingrown hairs? Use a hot compress and some hydrocortisone cream to ease irritation and bring down inflammation.

Don’t: Put your nails anywhere near your mouth

Did you know the average human touches thousands of surfaces and objects every day? Everybody is touching these things and then going in to clean underneath a nail with their teeth… Ew! I can’t even spell the names of some of the bacteria that live under nails but know it’s gross.

Do: Wash your hands with warm water and soap and make sure that’s when you clean under your nails. It sounds basic but it’s so important. Try getting a nail brush to really get under those nails. Find something else to do with your hand other than putting it near your face.

Don’t: Scratch your dandruff

Not only does scratching your dandruff cause major damage to your hair roots, it also shakes out all those flakes which land on your shirt. Scratching it will make it worse and, to the people around you, it looks gross. If you must scratch, try tapping the area or gently rubbing with your fingertips (not nails) to calm the itch without shaking up the dandruff.

Do: Start taking action to manage your dandruff. The longer you put it off, the worse it’s going to get. Try a new shampoo, try a medicated shampoo, increase your B vitamin intake and try to relax and catch up on sleep.

Don’t: Forget to wash your face

Three things: bacteria, wrinkles and pollution. All of these things are great reasons to wash your face every night before you go to bed. When your head hits the pillow case, you pick up all the bacteria that was left there from the night before plus your pores are clogged so oxygen can’t get in to renew the cells. A recipe for wrinkles and pimples.

Do: If time is the issue, try cleansing facial wipes or cloths. It shouldn’t take more than one to two minutes to wash off your makeup to save yourself the hassle of pimples or, potentially, wrinkles later on.

We all have bad habits, but who says you can’t turn something bad into something good? Try to change your bad habits around and clean up your act, ladies!

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What’s your bad habit you’re trying to remedy? I guarantee if you do it, there are at least a few others who do, too.

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