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Most romantic places to propose

You only get one shot at proposing (hopefully!). Make it count, and win your love over with these super-seductive places where she’ll be sure to say “Yes!”

Engagement ring on the beach

Getting engaged is the biggest step in a relationship, next to getting married. You’re declaring your love for this person and asking if she’ll spend the rest of her life with you. Proposals are nothing to be taken lightly and should be well-planned and well-rehearsed. Ensure yours is magical by choosing a location that screams romance and intimacy — making it the most special moment to date between you and your future fiancé.

Tip: Don’t hide the ring in the sand thinking she’ll find it or you’ll dig it out and surprise her. Too many people have lost their precious — and expensive — engagement rings this way!

The beach

The coasts of Hawaii, Fiji and even California are sure to sweep your lover off her feet. Whether planning a vacation or if you happen to live near a beach, go on a sunset walk with your lover and recap some of the best moments of your relationship. End the walk with a sunset proposal followed by dinner for two at your favorite restaurant.

Disney World

Consider a Disney-themed proposal at Florida’s Disney World or California’s Disneyland. There are tons of isolated nooks and crannies at both locations perfect for proposing. If you’re more of a planner, you can really make your girl feel like a princess by proposing in front of Cinderella’s Castle or during the nightly fireworks display. After all, Disney World really is where all your dreams come true.

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On an adventurous vacation

Are you and your future fiancé the daring and risky types? If so, propose on a ski trip to Colorado or a boating trip at Lake Powell. Both locations offer amazing scenery and breathtaking views, making them prime spots for proposals. For ski-trip proposals, propose on the lift trip up the mountain; for lake proposals, we recommend doing it by the campfire.

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On top of the world

Take her to new heights and take her breath away by proposing atop the Eiffel Tower. Nothing says romance like Paris, France — so the Eiffel Tower certainly won’t disappoint. If Paris just isn’t in your budget, there are plenty of hotels in nearly every city that have restaurants or observation decks at the top of the hotel. City lights scream romance, just like the bling you’re about to put on her finger.

In a garden

If you’re dating a girl who’s a true romantic and wears her heart on her sleeve, don’t underestimate the power of freshly-bloomed and wonderfully scented flowers. A garden proposal is perfect for this lady — as gardens symbolize both beauty and romance. With hundreds of botanical gardens nationwide, you can find a hidden beauty just about anywhere you wish.

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