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How to follow March Madness finals on your smartphone

The road to the NCAA championship can be a rough one for college basketball teams. Fly here, play there — it can get quite hectic. Well, the same goes for the fans.

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How are you supposed to work, raise a family and keep up with your favorite teams in the tournament? Easy! Follow these steps to stay up to date with the March Madness finals straight from your smartphone.

Step 1: Download the best app to manage your bracket

Bracket Bound

Anybody who has ever done a March Madness bracket knows that you don’t just fill one out and hope your team comes out on top, you fill out as many as you possibly can. Bracket Bound allows you to create up to 10 brackets so that you can cover any possible scenario and upset that could happen during the course of the tournament. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, either. You can also use your brackets to compete against friends, family or ESPN celebrities.

March Brackets

It’s not fair to say that this app lets you cheat, but it definitely gives you a leg up on the competition. Input your picks from the previous year and March Brackets will generate winners for you, making it a good way to practice before the actual competition begins.

Step 2: Download the best app to check scores and news

College Basketball Scoreboard

College Basketball Scoreboard has made it easy for you to check news and scores of your favorite team straight from your smartphone. They even take it one step further and send you notifications when your team starts a game, ends a game and, of course, notify you of the final score.

ESPN ScoreCenter

Did you miss a sweet windmill alley-oop dunk from the game? Are you furious you didn’t see it? No problem, because in addition to live scores and news, ScoreCenter gives you highlight videos for all your favorite teams. This app is easy to navigate, so while you’re stuck in that boring sales meeting, you can fill yourself in on what’s going on in the tournament.

Step 3: Download the best app to watch the game live!

NCAA March Madness Live

There’s no question why this app is useful — you can watch any game currently being played live. Best part is… it’s free! Just download from the App Store or Google Play and no matter where you are, you can watch your favorite team beat down the enemy.

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