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DIY watermelon face toner

Who doesn’t enjoy a slice of watermelon during the warm weather months? Wonderful as a snack, watermelon also makes a great ingredient for a face toner.

DIY Watermelon face toner

Watermelon isn’t just a sweet treat to enjoy in the warm weather — it makes a great ingredient for a DIY face toner, too. Watermelon can act as an exfoliant and will cleanse and tone your skin as well. Because watermelon and its seeds are loaded with all sorts of things that are good for you and your skin (vitamins A, C and antioxidants that may help prevent cell damage and protect your skin), it makes a super ingredient for a face toner. Combine it with a few other ingredients that are easy to get your hands on, and you have a great DIY toner.

DIY watermelon face toner

Before applying the watermelon toner to your face, first test it on your inner arm, where you skin is more sensitive, to help ensure you can tolerate the ingredients. Don’t forget to first wash your face to remove any dirt or makeup, and then gently pat your face dry.

Pull your hair away from your face, and soak a cotton ball or pad with the toner and apply to your face with a cotton ball, moving in upward strokes. Allow the toner to stay on your face for a few minutes, rinse with warm water and moisturize as usual. The toner should keep for several days stored in your refrigerator.

DIY Watermelon face toner


  • 1/2 cup watermelon, blended in a food processor or blender (seeds included)
  • 1 tablespoon witch hazel
  • 1 tablespoon distilled water
  • Clean container with a tight-fitting lid for storage


  1. Blend the watermelon in a food processor or blender (including any seeds), until smooth.
  2. Add the watermelon puree to a bowl and add the witch hazel and water, and mix well.
  3. Pour the mixture into a clean container with a tight-fitting lid.
  4. Store extra toner in the refrigerator for several days.
  5. Apply the toner to a clean face. Allow the toner to remain on your face for a few minutes, and then rinse it off with warm water.

Watermelon is wonderful!

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