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Top earth-friendly pet brands

Pets are made of nothing but love, loyalty and tenderness. If they could talk, they would make excellent activists for the greater good. Now you can be that voice for them, with products that embrace everything your tree-hugging pet loves.

Pug in the park

These top eco-friendly brands cover every pet product, from food and hygiene to clothing and accessories. Your eco-conscious pet can rest assured every step he takes is helping the world become a greener place.


Planet Dog

Twinkle bones

Making the planet a better place, one pet at a time. Planet Dog makes it a mission to do good for pets, people and the planet by providing pets and their owners with high-quality, non-toxic, recyclable products. More than just eco-friendly gear and toys, Planet Dog established the Planet Dog Foundation in order to help promote programs in which dogs serve and support humans in ways that are mutually beneficial to both pets and humans in need. With a motto that combines thinking globally while acting doggedly, you can feel good about your pet’s planet.


Earthborn Holistic

Earthborn Holistic cat food

A company that takes natural food to whole new proportions. Earthborn Holistic approaches your pets’ nutrition with Mother Nature in mind. Made of only the best and most wholesome ingredients, not only will your pet feel healthy, but you’ll both help make the world a greener place. Earthborn Holistic’s UPCs for Trees program makes it possible for you and your pet to literally see the forest for the trees. Each time you purchase a bag of pet food and send in the UPC, a tree is planted to help reduce harmful greenhouse gases.


West Paw Design

Puppy pooch

Born, bred and manufactured in the USA, West Paw Design takes pride in its passion for all things eco-friendly and locally conscious. For this brand, sustainability and environmental responsibility go beyond pet products. West Paw Design not only uses green practices in the manufacturing of its products, but in everything from their packaging to utilizing materials and resources that reinforce safety and quality for your pets and the earth. Their Join the Loop recycling program allows your pooch to play, nap and cuddle with any West Paw Product of choice, then you simply send it back to them to be recycled once it’s time for an upgrade — recycling costs on the house.


Harry Barker

Dog bowls

Bold, beautiful and green, this is one company that proves eco-friendly gear is always fashionable. Founded by former model Carol Perkins, you can bet Harry Barker knows style. More than amazingly stylish pet products, the company’s commitment to the environment stands at the forefront of its overall mission, to provide quality products for pets and their humans. Everything at Harry Barker is made with a better world in mind. From biodegradable shampoos and waste bags to hemp beds and toys, your pet will not only look fantastic, she will feel equally great about doing her part to save the earth.

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