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How to create a bronze smoky eye

Bronze smoky eyes are the easiest to apply and the most flattering with your summer glow.

How to create a bronze smoky eye

Whenever the temps are high, the shorts are short, and the ice cream trucks stroll by, I imagine a girl with uncontrived long locks with fresh dewy skin and a gorgeous dark bronze smoky eye. This eye is flattering on every eye color and skin tone. Not to mention it’s perfect for summer. Here are my tips for applying this gorgeous look!


  • Creamy nude beige eyeshadow
  • Bronze eye pencil
  • Brown eye pencil
  • Chocolate brown eyeshadow
  • Tan eyeshadow
  • Soft beige eyeshadow with shimmer
  • Black mascara



How to create a bronze smoky eye


With a soft blending brush, apply your creamy nude beige eyeshadow along the inner to the outer eyelid, all the way up to the brow bone and gently along your bottom lash line to hold your bottom liner. A long-lasting shadow provides a fuller coverage that diminishes the visibility of imperfections and redness around the eye while bringing out the true color of your products and holding your color all day. Next, take your brown eye pencil and roll it in your top and bottom water line.

How to create a bronze smoky eye


Now take the bronze eye pencil and smudge the liner all along your bottom lash line. It’s OK if it’s a little messy! You’re going to blend this with a brush and dark shadow. Along with the primer, the liner will create a great deep color and waxy surface for the shadow to hold onto. Using this same eye pencil, start to color your entire eyelid with the eye pencil up toward the crease but not into the crease.

How to create a bronze smoky eye


Take a dense yet soft shadow brush and start blending the edges of the liner you just applied on your bottom lash line and eyelid. This will start to diffuse the lines and you’ll slowly start to see your smoky eye appearing. Using your dense brush, apply the chocolate brown eye shadow on top of your entire eyelid over the liner and along the bottom lash line over the eye liner.

How to create a bronze smoky eye


Now to highlight the eye! Take another soft blending brush and apply the soft beige eyeshadow to the tear duct and brow bone to highlight your bone structure and to help balance your bronze smoky eye. You can also apply this highlighting shadow to the brow bone for a nice dewy glow!

How to create a bronze smoky eye


Going back to your soft blending brush, start to softly blend the matte tan eyeshadow into the crease around your bronze eyelid color. Make sure to stay in the crease and do not drag up onto the brow bone. If you use a matte tan, it will start to add a deep yet blended crease with a beautiful golden tone. Also, blend the color along the bottom lash line for some warm depth.

How to create a bronze smoky eye


Apply your volumizing mascara on both the top and bottom lashes and you’re set! A beautiful smoky eye that’s easy, fast and timeless.

How to create a bronze smoky eye

Photos taken by photographer Sara Nevels

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