Kim Kardashian gets sexy blunt bangs

Kim Kardashian took the plunge and cut her signature long hair into blunt bangs. Do you like the look?

Kim Kardashian

Breaking news: Kim Kardashian got bangs!

Yep, the pregnant reality star finally took the plunge after testing out a clip-on version during her Cosmopolitan cover shoot earlier this year.

But, she’s not really sure she likes the look.

“I can’t decide,” the reality star said in a series of Keek videos posted to Twitter. In the clips, Kardashian is shown at the salon with mother Kris Jenner and stylist Philip Wolff.

“Philip says, ‘You should never listen to a pregnant woman.’ But we’ll do it,” she said before getting the chop. “I just feel like I need a change.”

Her stylist later told US Weekly that he typically won’t let hormonal pregnant women make drastic style changes, but he thought Kardashian was ready.

“She wanted something new without being too drastic… I feel it’s so important for a woman to feel sexy throughout her pregnancy, and this happened to be a small part of that for her,” he told the magazine.

“Kim was so happy with the end result,” he continued. “I personally love them on her, but then again, she has such an amazing face shape and bone structure that she has the luxury of wearing almost any style and it looks great. What makes Kim so sexy to me is that she wears her hair — her hair doesn’t wear her.”

But is she really doing it for herself — or for boyfriend Kanye West? Kardashian even admits that her ever-evolving style is thanks to her rapper beau.

“I dress for my man way more than for myself!” Kardashian said earlier this year. “He likes cool, drapey things. Very casual.”

Wolff thinks this cut will be West approved, too.

“Kanye has a huge part in her [style] decisions… which I think is a great dynamic for them as a couple,” Wolff added. “They both share a passion for fashion and style — I love that.”

We’re not so sure, but whatever works for them.

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