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Friday’s Fashion Fails: Blake Lively and Ke$ha

Oops… even celebrities get it wrong sometimes! We’re telling you why Blake Lively and Ke$ha’s fashions fell short in our weekly feature. Learn from the stars’ sartorial slip ups!

Blake Lively at The Croads premiere

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is almost always on our best dressed list, but this outfit proves that no one’s perfect all the time, even Ms. Ryan Reynolds. The gorgeous blonde was on hand to support her hubby at the NYC premiere of his new movie, The Croods.

The animated movie is about cave people in the prehistoric era, but Blake was going for a futuristic look with her fashion. She chose a burgundy Marios Schwab dress from his fall 2013 collection with an oddly-structured bodice that reminded us of Anne Hathaway’s unfortunate Oscar gown issue. Pointy bodices are tough to pull off, no matter how pretty you are.

The dress also features pointy white accents on her elbows and a white hemline, which sort of looks like she’s wearing a slip that’s sticking out (but it’s actually just part of her dress).

The final verdict? We love you, Blake, but this isn’t our favorite look for you. The dress does show off one of your best accessories, though: your amazing legs!

Ke$ha at Pure nightclub


On the other end of the sartorial spectrum is Ke$ha, who’s no stranger to landing in our worst dressed category. Since Lady Gaga has been laying low due to her hip surgery, it seems Ke$ha’s taken it upon herself to pick up the bizarro wardrobe baton on her behalf.

Here’s the “Die Young” singer in Sin City where she celebrated the anniversary of Pure nightclub in typical over-the-top style. Ke$ha packed on the petals and took off her pants before hitting the red carpet. Yes, florals are in style for spring, but with her flowered headpiece, sleeves and bodysuit, she’s gone overboard. Turn down the flower power!

Her sequined jacket and corset could be cute, but we think she could lose the shiny nude hose and instead add a skirt or leather leggings to make this outfit better.

The final verdict? We do love her Christian Louboutin booties, so nice job on the shoes. She has some staples here with potential if they were just styled differently. Maybe next time?

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