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Toys that boost your dog’s health

A dog without a toy isn’t a happy dog, so keep your dog playfully entertained with our picks for toys that also keep him healthy. From dental health to mental health, these stimulating dog toys will make great additions to your furry one’s toy box.


Treat puzzle ball

Treat puzzle ball

Hungry dogs have a habit of gobbling down their treats in a nanosecond, so make your dog work for his reward while exercising his brain at the same time. The JW Pet Rockin Treat toy is a non-toxic toy made of tough nylon that will keep your dog busy working to free his treats. Let the fun begin! ( $14)


Dog toy puzzle

Dog toy puzzle

Does your dog seem bored lately? We have just the thing for you! Keep your pup guessing where his treats are hidden with the Kyjen Star Spinner that offers mental stimulation as well as a yummy snack. Once you show your pup how to find the treats, he won’t be able to get enough. Consider that your warning! (, $18)


Hydro Bone

Hydro Bone

On a hot day, it’s easy for a dog to become dehydrated, so give him a Hydro Bone to quench his thirst. Once soaked, the water is released through specially designed holes in the molded rubber, so as your dog chews and fetches, he’ll get all the water he needs. Available in three sizes, the Hydro Bone is freezable as well. No dehydration here! (, $10)


Egg babies toy

Egg babies toy

Teach your dog where babies come from with the Egg Babies Dog Toy. Well, not exactly, but he will learn how to maneuver soft “eggs” from inside the elasticized tummy of the animal using his brain as well as his teeth. Show him once and he’ll be hooked on this toy that encourages learning! (, $10)


Fleece toy

Fleecy Clean Bone f

Have you ever tried brushing a dog’s teeth? Not the easiest of feats, right? Improve his dental hygiene another way with the Fleecy Clean Bone from Kyjen instead. Soft yet tough, this toy does a fantastic job of cleaning your pup’s teeth and gums. His pearly whites will stay in tip-top shape meaning you can give the toothbrush a rest for a while and not feel guilty. (, $3)


Fun tunnel

WARE Pop-Up Fun Tunne

Add some excitement to your dog’s backyard routine by picking up the WARE Pop-Up Fun Tunnel. You can use it for training exercises, as part of an agility course or just to add something fun to the backyard to make sure he gets his cardio workout in for the day. Durable and easy to store, this tunnel is a must for dogs of all sizes. (, $116)

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