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Shocking repurposed furniture

Debating what to do with that old dresser or the bookshelf collecting dust in the corner? These amazing DIY-ers transformed frumpy furniture into gorgeous new pieces for their homes. You will be in awe of these fabulous furniture makeovers.

The next time you think about putting that old chair out for the garage sale or selling your run-down dresser, try thinking outside the box and borrowing a few tips from these creative crafters who have transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Baker’s rack turned coffee station

Bakers rack turned coffee station

If you came across a worn-down baker’s rack covered with decorative tiles and chipped paint, would you envision a gorgeous coffee station to accent your kitchen? The talent behind Repurposed-Life did just that, putting plenty of time and effort into transforming this tired piece into something dramatically different.

Visit Repurposed-Life for the full details on this transformation >>


Trash to treasure book caddy

Trash to treasure book caddy

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Could you see past the dust and dings of an old coffee table and envision a cute book caddy to put in a kids’ reading area? The creative mind behind Dukes and Duchesses used a little elbow grease and some vivid chalk paint to transform a dull, discarded table into the perfect addition to any child’s play space.

Visit Dukes and Duchesses to find out how she did it >>


Dingy desk to beautiful buffet

Dingy desk to beautiful buffet

Chances are you’ve seen those beat-up desks sitting out by the curb on trash day. Whether it’s old office furniture or discarded dorm-room gear, if you have enough creativity and imagination you can create something as gorgeous as this buffet from Chasing the Star. This elegant piece would sell for hundreds in any boutique, but it was created for nothing more than the cost of supplies.

Visit Chasing the Star for instructions on creating your own buffet >>


From bed to bench

From bed to bench

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This one you have to see to believe. The vision it takes to look at an old bed frame and be able to picture a gorgeous bench shows repurposing at its best. The talented mind behind Refresh Restyle took an old, distressed headboard and a discarded end table and created an end result that is nothing short of magazine-worthy. She topped it with a cushion and a few pillows, creating something gorgeous straight from the garage.

Visit Refresh Restyle for all the details on this dramatic transformation >>


Buffet to bathroom vanity

Buffet to bathroom vanity

When Angie from Postcards from the Ridge knew it was time to find a new home for her dining room buffet, she decided that the home should actually be her own — just in a different place with a different purpose. With a little paint and a few new products, she transformed something she didn’t need into something she couldn’t do without.

Visit Postcards from the Ridge for Angie’s instructions on how to do the same >>

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