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How to style your technology for spring

Spring is here! It’s time to clean out the old and bring in the new. This season celebrates all things bright, fun and quirky, so update your tech gadgets with accessories that capture the essence of spring.

Colorful iphone cases

Step 1: Embrace color

The brighter the better! Wake up your tech collection with vibrant spring colors to prepare yourself for the season. Greens, blues, and pinks are popular colors this season and will add character to your phones, MP3 players and laptops. When looking for color, funky patterns and abstract florals make the best designs (Uncommon, $15)

Chevron iPhone case

Step 2: Be girly

Springtime calls for all things frilly and pink. Adding bows, pops of pastel and fashionable patterns like chevrons and houndstooth to your tech gadget will transform it into a sweet fashion accessory. Laptop cases are perfect to dress up because their size offers more space to decorate. Girls just wanna have fun, and they want their gadgets to have fun, too! (Etsy,  $65)

Bunny iPhone case

Step 3: Be cutesy

Nothing is more precious than a cute little bunny rabbit — it’s one of the many reasons why springtime is so fun. If you really want to be hoppin’ this spring, give your iPhone the bunny treatment and add a fluffy tail. The tail acts as a lovable piece of flair and a convenient stand to keep your iPhone propped up and ready to go. No bunny rabbit is complete without its bunny ears of course. This is fun and quirky, and perfect all year-round. (Kawaii Case, $26)

Marilyn Monroe pop art iphone case

Step 4: Make it pop

Pop art is fun, bright and iconic. The whole movement is to take pop culture and turn it into artwork. Many artists have followed in his Pop art leader Andy Warhol’s footsteps and used this bold style on tech accessories. Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce, Justin Bieber and James Franco are just a few of the many celebrities we found who were captured in a pop art style for tech accessories. Not only is this iPad skin striking, it’s affordable, too, so be loud and be bold! (Society6, $25)

Step 5: Eat it up

Who knew food brands could inspire great tech accessories? Well, they have, but fortunately it’s not tacky and obnoxious but cute and sophisticated. Spring is all about being light and whimsical, so if you love Nutella, Pop Tarts, or Kit Kat, there’s a phone case for you. Look for your faves on phone cases; you never know what you’ll find. (Society6, $35)

Nutella iPhone case

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