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DIY ribbon straw fedora

Natalie Ho

From sipping drinks poolside to strolling the streets on your next sunny destination, a straw fedora is a stylish way to keep you away from the UV rays while still looking effortlessly chic.

DIY ribbon straw fedora

Brighten up your plain straw fedora or hat with a few strips of ribbon and you’re sure to be recognized!


Tip: When selecting your fedora/hat, pick one that is less stiff and has a diagonal woven pattern
  • A straw fedora or hat
  • 2 sets of ribbon trim of different colors
  • Scissors
  • E-6000 glue or hot glue gun
  • Tweezers
  • Wooden skewer stick
  • Optional: ruler, pen for measuring and marking



Remove any ribbon trim or other embellishments from the fedora/hat.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Remove any dried glue.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


For dry glue that is tough to remove, try using a pair of tweezers to help.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Trim the ribbon to the desired width.
The width of the ribbon should match the width of the diagonal woven pattern from the fedora/hat.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Pre-cut your ribbon strips in equal lengths.
The length of each ribbon strip should be about two inches longer than the height of the fedora/hat.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Starting from the top of the fedora/hat, take one ribbon strip, fold the end to keep
the ribbon from fraying and begin tucking it under the first set of straw weaves.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Tuck the ribbon through the entire set of the first weave pattern and pull the ribbon through gently.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Continue to the next set of weave pattern. Use a wooden skewer to help with tucking the ribbon through.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


If you find that the end of the ribbon is starting to fray, tape the end
of the ribbon. This will keep the ribbon from fraying.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Use tweezers to pull the ribbon through.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Once you have completed your first ribbon strip, adjust the ribbon
to ensure that there are no folds or bunches.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Straighten out the ribbon.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Leave some top and bottom trim space.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Repeat steps 6-13 for the rest of the ribbon strips. Feel free to space the ribbon strips as close
together as you’d like or skip one in between — this is based on your own preference!

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Work your way around until you have reached the back of the fedora/hat, and
stop when it may become too difficult to work on some diagonals that are too short.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Inspect the top of the ribbon strips to ensure you have woven them all the way to the top.
This is where you can make some adjustments by weaving the strip through a few more.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Take your next set of color ribbon and once again trim the width
and length for the top of the fedora/hat.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Similar to weaving the side of the hat, weave the ribbon trim through the top of the hat.
Note the pattern on the top of the hat is likely different. Flow to it!

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Pull the ribbon through and leave some trim at both ends.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Work your way through to completion.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Trim the bottom ends of the ribbon around the fedora/hat.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


It’s time to apply a ribbon trim around the hat.
Take the lighter color of the two sets of ribbons, and ensure the width of the ribbon is at least one inch wide. Apply some strong glue or hot glue to the end of the ribbon.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Adhere the ribbon to the back of the fedora/hat and continue to apply glue as you
work your way around the perimeter of the fedora/hat. Be sure to work in small sections
so that the glue doesn’t dry before you get a chance to get there!

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Once you have glued the ribbon trim along the entire perimeter of the fedora/hat
with scissors, trim the top edges of the ribbon.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


To prevent the ribbons from slipping through in the future,
apply a small amount of glue with a skewer stick to the edges.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Repeat steps 24-25 to the top of the fedora/hat.

DIY ribbon straw fedora


Optional: Apply the darker ribbon trim around the perimeter of the
fedora/hat as well and leave the other color peeking through!

DIY ribbon straw fedora

Final product

DIY ribbon fedora

Don’t forget your sunnies
& bikini!

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