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6 travel apps you’re going to want on your phone before you hit the road

With the connectivity and convenience of the Internet, traveling the “old-fashioned way” no longer makes sense. You probably booked your flight and your hotel online — so why are you still writing out a packing list and printing out a paper itinerary?

As always, there’s an app for that, and so much more. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or have a big family vacation coming up, we can promise that one or more of these apps will help to de-stress your next trip:

1. Minube

Image: iTunes

If you know you want to go somewhere (and don’t we all), but you’re not quite sure where to take your next trip, this fun to use, well-designed app can help. Get inspired by more than 200,000 experiences from over 500,000 real travelers from around the world, plus share your own travel tips and stories once you’re back. We especially love the Inspiration screen, which lets you find the destinations that are right for you by using criteria like distance from home, or number of days. Now the hard part is just narrowing down your options. Free

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2. Gogobot

Image: iTunes

This comprehensive user-driven app is like having a travel-savvy friend (you know, the one who’s already been on two around-the-world trips) with you wherever you go. No matter what stage of travel planning you’re in, the app helps you discover interesting places and hidden gems, explore destinations worldwide (or in your own city), plan and book your next trip (including hotels), document your travels and of course, share your adventure-in-progress with your friends and family. Free

3. Packing Pro

Packing Pro
Image: iTunes

Other than booking your plane tickets and reserving a hotel room, packing is probably one of the most important parts of planning a trip — and this app helps make the process easier and less stressful. Create lists of what you need based on the number of adults (males and females), children and days you’ll be away, as well as temperature, destination, and clothes-washing preferences. You can make your packing lists based on the over 800 items in the app’s database and also share lists with fellow travelers. $3

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