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How to incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routine

What do coconuts actually do? Fall out of palm trees and leave huge knots on your forehead the day before a hot date? Provide the last bit of milk to a thirsty desert wanderer? Make a festive mug for your piña colada? Or make you look extra busty in your luau outfit? Well, you can certainly use coconuts for all of the above, but the power of a “lovely bunch of coconuts” doesn’t stop there. Coconut oil can work wonders and give you an affordable full-body makeover!

Coconut oil

We don’t just want beauty, we want healthy beauty. The mixtures of ingredients which make up coconut oil are incredibly unique and beneficial to many body functions. With all the recent talk surrounding the miracles of coconut oil, you’ve surely wondered why this product is supposedly “so amazing” and how to actually go about using it. Let’s explore the wonders of coconut oil and ways you can incorporate it into your daily routines.


Coconut oil contains a significant amount of a fatty acid called “lauric acid,” which is well known for its antiviral and antibacterial qualities. Because of these natural cleansing properties and its oily consistency, coconut oil works great as a pre-wash and deep conditioner. Used as a pre-wash, harmful bacteria will be killed and built-up dirt will be lifted off the scalp.

As the coconut oil cleanses, it will also deep condition at the root, along the hair length and all the way to the delicate ends. Lauric acid is easily absorbed into hair proteins and will work to fortify the hair follicle while also preventing the loss of proteins, resulting in strong, nourished, radiant hair.


Facial skin is especially sensitive but is unfortunately subjected to constant contact with the outside world. This perpetual weathering makes it that much more difficult to maintain youthfulness, elasticity and strength. Luckily, coconut oil can solve this problem. Because it is a natural-found antioxidant and contains vitamins A and C, coconut oil will not only work to nourish the skin, but actively repair it.

As it is easily absorbed into the skin, strength and elasticity are increased. Use coconut oil to target fine lines and wrinkles or even as a general face moisturizer — a younger you is just a dab away. Also, as previously mentioned, coconut oil will kill germs and lift dirt. This makes it a great facial cleanser and makeup remover!


Our skin, in general, is in love with coconut oil and all the services it can provide — the list is practically endless! As we already know, it is a great moisturizer, so feel free to use it as you would a lotion and massage it into your skin. Grab a bit of sea salt to mix in, and voilà, you have just created your own natural, exfoliating body scrub. Take some coconut oil with you as you jump into the shower and lather up your legs for a silky smooth shave. A fan of some relaxing soak time in the tub? Treat yourself and mix coconut oil into the hot water!

Last but not least, everyone’s feet could use a little extra love. Create a more coconut-concentrated hot-water mixture for a marvelous foot soak! In addition to its antiviral and antibacterial properties, it is a great antifungal as well — which will work miracles between your toes and under your nails!


With summer quickly approaching, we are all in search of a perfect beach body. However, in order to achieve a fit outward appearance, we have to first get it right on the inside! Unlike any other oil, coconut oil is unique in that it contains medium-chain triglycerides. What this means for your body is that these fats are easily metabolized.

As they work as antioxidants in the body and also stimulate the thyroid gland (which controls metabolism), there is no need to try cutting oils and fats out of your diet. Simply replace them and be conscious of the kinds you are using. Instead of being stored and sitting on your body as other oils and fats do, coconut oil is immediately used as energy. It also is the best quality oil to use for cooking, as it can withstand high heats better than any other oil. Apprehensive about the coconut taste? No problem, simply buy aroma-free coconut oil.

Now, where to buy this miracle product?



Got a case of the flakes? Whip together a coconut oil
hair mask!

Simply walk into your nearest health food store and roam the cooking aisle. Coconut oil should be sitting right on the shelf! It is very important, however, that you purchase Virgin or Extra Virgin coconut oil. This should be a completely unrefined, natural product. If you aren’t careful, you might accidentally pick up a hydrogenated version, which advertises coconut oil as an ingredient. Much of the nutritional value of this form is lost.

Geared up with these tips and knowledge, you are now ready to set out on your CocoQuest!

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