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How to transition your shoe wardobe into spring

The sun is finally coming out and we could not be more excited to slip into a new shoe wardrobe. Turn up the music, grab your storage bins and get ready to trade your winter favorites for springtime shoes!

Red flats in grass

The timing of your shoe wardrobe transition might depend on where you live, but no matter where you reside, it’s time to march into a whole new set of shoe choices.

Step 1: Think of the endless opportunities

You don’t have to say “Sayonara” to the booties you wore to the office all winter long, just a “See you later” to the tights you accessorized them with. The winter-to-spring shoe transition is an opportunity to make your winter booties look brand-new by pairing them with cute dresses and skirts.

Step 2: Vote for straps before socks

Though we aren’t throwing our boots in a box for the attic, we are giving our flats, sandals and wedges first dibs on complementing our outfits. Flat-bottomed boots look beyond cute with spring clothes, but there’s no greater shoe for maxi dresses and high-low skirts than the perfect pair of sandals. Your daily spring shoe choices should not require you to wear as many socks as you wore in the winter, so let your feet breathe and soak up the sun.

Step 3: Go with the weather

Flowers are blossoming all over, so be one with the environment and adapt to brighter color. Fall and winter are about the burgundies and dark colors; now that spring is here we can finally brighten up our outfits—neon or pastels, depending on your mood. As long as the shoe involves a bit color it’s a definite winner this season. Check out these Aldo sandals we’re in love with.

Step 4: Sharing is caring

Try not to get into a shoe repetition. Those neutral-colored wedges go great with every outfit you plan; however, try not to always take the safe way out with accessories. Be bold and wear those colorful Inkkas that keep getting pushed into the back of your closet. Spring weather is the perfect time to experiment with your shoe options—let every pair get a chance to make a statement instead of sticking to your norm.

Step 5: Stay comfortable

Just because the sun is coming out does not mean you have to force your feet into those painful heels seven days a week. Although sometimes pain may bring beauty, it does not have to be a daily experience. Flats, low-top sneakers and sandals will look just as cute with your outfits. Stay cute and well-dressed by staying comfortable this season. Your feet will thank us later.

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