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Create a calming workstation

Is your home or work office space bringing you down? Learn how to create a calming workstation that helps you focus on the tasks at hand.

Katie Bower's home office

Photo credit: Katie Bower

When it comes to creating an ideal workspace at home, at the office or in your craft room, let your personal style guide you. While some are inspired by bold colors, others can only focus around gentle, neutral tones. The only surefire rule to working smarter? Organize your workspace and keep clutter to a minimum.

Create a clean space with meaningful storage

Dialing up the light in a room can inspire calm and clarity. Katie Bower renovated a dark room and transformed it into an office and craft space where she can focus and keep an eye on her little ones. “My office makes me feel inspired and uncluttered… which makes it easier to hear my own thoughts,” says Bower. “That’s a rare gem when you have a two-year-old and a newborn. I love escaping in the office to get crafty and actually feel somewhat human again!” Create meaningful storage areas on your desk, such as Bower’s bowl for pocket items and area for notebooks.

Live Love DIY home office

Photo credit: LiveLoveDIY

Use a simple palette and cut out clutter

Consider the colors that make you feel good. For some, bright colors inspire. Others are drawn to neutrals. Virginia at LiveLoveDIY chose a simple color scheme when she renovated her home office. “I decided to decorate my office using a neutral color palette consisting of beige and white with metallic accents. By surrounding myself with calm colors, it helps me to stay focused while I work,” she says. Get this look by sticking to a simple palette when you decorate your office space. Keep your workspace nearly bare and you’ll find yourself less likely to get distracted by the need to clean and organize.

Lolly Jane's home office

Photo credit: Lolly Jane

Multitask with storage that doubles as decor

Feel good in your workspace by marrying function and style. Everything should be in its place, but that place doesn’t have to be unsightly. Find beautiful, inspiring ways to store and organize your work materials. “Having an organized craft room calms me,” says Kelli at Lolly Jane, who created an organized craft space. “I am no longer wasting time digging through piles of stuff. Defining my space has helped define my style along the way; I now realize I love vintage goods, but not the white tones that come with it. I love color!” Get your work stuff organized in ways that inspire you, whether that means bright-colored pencil cups in your cubicle or a renovated shelf at home.

Decorate with meaningful accent pieces

As you remove clutter from your workspace at home or at the office, don’t be afraid to leave a few decorative items that make you happy. Whether you’re an accountant or a scrapbooker, art can be part of your work and it can influence your mood and motivation. Andie Powers uses her home office space as a canvas. “My business partner and I decided to close our brick and mortar storefront, Assemble Shop & Studio, and go online exclusively in January 2013, so that meant making my home office as inviting and productive as possible,” says Powers. “In the process of setting up the space, I kept some of the most treasured items from the shop around me: the ‘It Makes Toast’ wall graphic that we had displayed, our open/closed sign and the Red Vintage Cursive typewriter that inspired our brand’s colors.”

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Andie Powers' home office

Photo credit: Andie Powers

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