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How to create a classic beauty look in 20 minutes

Don’t want to spend an hour getting ready every day but still want your makeup to look polished, chic and beautiful? Here are tips to help you achieve a classic beauty look in 20 minutes or less!

How recreate a class beauty look

When it comes to being a lady and putting your face on every day, sometimes we take far too much time to perfect our image.

I take great pride in my appearance and look professional no matter where my crazy schedule takes me. Over the last five years of being a makeup artist, I have mastered the art of “Less Time = Great Makeup” and I’m excited to share my tips with you. Think about all the classic beauties such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, etc. Their skin has great coverage while looking naturally flawless and their strong points are brows, liner, lashes and lips. Focusing on all those features no matter what shades you use will help you look flawless and confident for your day-to-day adventures. And yes, you can apply it all in 20 minutes or less.


How recreate a class beauty look

With your favorite foundation and foundation brush, apply an even amount of product to your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin and blend out to the outer rim of your face. Even out redness on the face and keep the rest of the coverage light.


To keep things easy and fast, use the same brush to apply a highlighting powder to the high planes of the face such as your cheekbones, ridge of nose, bow of lip, chin and middle of forehead. If the sun was shining on your face, these are all the places you would naturally reflect. It adds an elegant glow to your skin.


How recreate a class beauty look

Again, using the same brush, apply your contour in the hollows of the cheek. In this specific look, I used MAC Cosmetic’s eyeshadow in Saddle. It’s a rich, warm matte brown and looks amazing as a contour. You’ll see this product again in this tutorial soon!


How recreate a class beauty look

Use the same highlighting powder you used on your face to highlight your brow bone, inner tear duct and inner eyelid. This will start to lift and brighten your eye.


How recreate a class beauty look

Now using the Saddle eyeshadow from MAC Cosmetics, apply this in your crease using a soft blending brush. Start on the outer corners of the eye and slowly blend to the inner corner.


How recreate a class beauty look

Using a gel eyeliner and an angled liner brush, apply a liner that emphasizes your natural lid line. The line should be thin on the outer and inner corners and fuller right above the pupil of the eye. This will make yours lift in an effortless way.


How recreate a class beauty look

After applying your liner, fill in your brow with a shadow liner and an angled liner brush and then highlight on the brow bone especially under the arch. Finally highlight above the brow right where the arch starts. See how big of a difference brows and liner make?


How recreate a class beauty look

Before you start your brows and liner, get a pair of lashes ready. Peel the lash from the plastic, set a drop of glue on a safe surface and let it set for a few minutes. Once you’re ready, pop your lashes on and see how much it makes your eyes pop. Applying lashes is one small step that makes a huge difference in your overall look. You’re basically done! There’s just one simple step left.


How recreate a class beauty look

Apply a lip conditioner to soften your lips, and then grab your favorite colorful lipstick and apply one soft layer before you head out the door. Choose a color that brings out your eye color. I chose a red coral to make my eyes look greener.


How recreate a class beauty look

It may take you a little bit of time the first time you try this, but I promise after a couple of tries, you’ll have these tips down and can create your own look in less than 20 minutes.

Product suggestions for your classic look!

Products for a natural beauty look

  • MAC face and body foundation – Lightweight, sheer and a luminous finish. This product gives sheer to medium coverage, looks like skin and holds well throughout the day.
  • MAC prep and prime skin smoother – This translucent powder will absorb oil for touch-ups later in the day and will help set the dewiness of your face and body foundation.
  • MAC creme blush in ‘Ladyblush’ – These creme blushes have more of a creme-to-powder feel instead of the sticky feel. They blend smoothly and apply a medium amount of color and coverage.
  • Bare Minerals ready bronzer in ‘The High Dive’ – This bronzer is effortless to blend and has a perfect cool undertone instead of a strong golden tone. It looks natural and pairs well with powder and liquid foundations.
  • Bare Minerals flawless definition mascara in black – The wand on this mascara is to die for. It grabs every little lash, builds volume, doesn’t clump and is great for contact wearers or those with sensitive eyes.
  • MAC lipstick in ‘Fanfare’ – I absolutely love Fanfare from MAC. It’s the perfect natural wash of coral with a satin finish and medium coverage. You can amp it up with a lip liner or keep it effortless by wearing alone.

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