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Seamless transitions for seasonal decor

Decorating on a budget can be tough, especially when you’re planning three separate holiday and springtime bashes. To help, we’ve taken one idea and created three separate looks for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and spring — using just a handful of materials!

Mason jar centerpieces for spring

Cheap and easy, what’s not to love? These three stunning looks use the same Mason jars and just a few other materials. These easy centerpieces make transitioning from holiday to holiday simple and easy. Your friends will be calling you Martha in no time!


  • Pint-size Mason jars (2 or 3)
  • Twine
  • Milk glass
  • Hot glue gun
  • Shamrock cookie cutter
  • Jelly beans
  • Fresh blooms

St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick's day centerpiece

Give your house a little luck of the Irish with this fun and fresh centerpiece idea. To keep with the color scheme of the holiday, grab white, yellow and green blooms. To create a look like ours, create an even balance of white and green blooms in each Mason jar. To make the fun shamrocks, trace the four-leaf clover shapes onto a green piece of paper or foam board using a cookie cutter. Simply glue the shapes to the front of straws or skewers and stick a few of those in with your flowers. To create the fun layered look, tape some green crepe paper around the center of the jar.



Spring centerpiece

The brightly colored flowers and crisp green grass of spring make it so easy to decorate simply and on a budget. The festive flowers of the season speak for themselves, so don’t overwhelm your centerpiece with too many other add-ons, like ribbons or sticks. Our centerpiece is simple but still makes a statement. To add some rustic flair to the Mason jars, we tied twine to the top of the jar, much like we did with the crepe paper in the St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece. To do that on your own, hold one end of the twine down with your finger and then wrap a few lines around the lid of the jar. To complete it, we added a few different-colored blooms to the jar for a clean yet stunning look.



Easter, to us, is all about bright colors, fresh flowers like lilies and carnations, and lots of candy. To add some fun, youthful vibrance to our centerpieces, we filled narrow shot glasses halfway with water. We then filled each Mason jar about halfway with jelly beans, and then carefully placed the shot glasses into each jar, pushing them down into the jellybeans. Next, simply add a few blooms into the shot glasses and add additional jelly beans, Easter eggs or even Peeps to add more bright color. For more bright, fun colors, add some Easter basket grass in between the jelly beans for a fun layered look.

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