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Make a picture frame wreath for spring

Photos aren’t the only reason to use frames! This wreath is as pretty as a picture, made with a frame as its base.

Spring frame wreath

You can make decorating for the spring and Easter season a little more fun by making a DIY picture frame wreath. All you need are a handful of supplies to put together a festive, seasonal hanging wreath. Inspired by the CSI Project.


  • 8 x 10-inch wooden, decorative picture frame, backing and glass removed.
  • 8-10 very small nails (the size used to hang small photos to a wall)
  • 9.5 x 9.5-inch square of plastic grass
  • Decorative floral picks, and/or other seasonal sprigs like butterflies or colored eggs
  • Small hammer
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Newspaper to cover your work surface
  • Wreath hanger




Lay the newspaper on your work surface. Place the picture frame, face down, and carefully remove the cardboard backing and the glass. Recycle or save for another project.


Lay grass on frame

Turn the picture frame over so the front is facing up. Lay the plastic grass square over the top of the frame, right side down. Determine the amount that you will cut out from the middle of the square to form a frame with the grass. The grass frame will fit in the inside (around the inner edges) of the picture frame. Plan to cut away just several inches. Use your scissors to cut out the middle of the plastic square.


Turn over frame

Once you have your grass frame ready, lay it right side up, on top of the frame. Mark the spots where you will insert the small nails into the picture frame. The nails will be used to hang the plastic grass, as the square should have several areas on its base where it can hang from.


Hammer small nails

Carefully hammer the small nails into the picture frame. Plan to use three at the top and three at the bottom, and two on each side. Hang the grass square on the small nails. Tuck in any exposed edges of the grass frame.


Use wire cutters

Make sure the grass is securely on the frame. Use the wire cutters to trim down your floral or decorative picks, as needed, then insert them into the grass. Tuck the back of the picks behind the grass so they’re not visible.


Completed craft

Place your wreath hanger on a door, and hang the picture frame on the hanger.

Note: This wreath is best for hanging indoors. Hang it outdoors during good weather, and bring it inside during inclement weather.

This wreath is as pretty as a picture!

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