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Stylish pet beds for the modern home

You’ve spent a lot of time and money creating the perfect ambiance in your home. Choose one of these luxury pet beds so your four-legged friend can sleep in a spot that suits your stylish digs.

Whether your style is sleek and minimalist or beachy and warm, don’t ruin it with an ugly pet bed. Just take a little inspiration from our list to make your dog or cat’s special spot fit seamlessly into your decor.

Picks for your pooch

No matter what the boys say, we know that dogs are a woman’s best friend. Spoil her rotten with these stylish picks.

Stylish dog begs


Regent Heated Spa Bed

Give your pet (and your decor) the royal treatment with the Regent Spa Bed. You’ll enjoy the elegant curves of the blond-colored pickled oak while your pup relaxes the day away basking in the warmth of radiant heat panels — the perfect metaphor for Mommy’s warm embrace. (, $403)


Brangelina Dog Bed

If your bedroom is the epitome of over-the-top feminine luxury, then don’t spoil an otherwise textbook girl-cave with a cheap dog bed! The Brangelina Dog Bed is lacy and plush with a bold leopard print that was made for your canine cover girl. (, $90)


Operetta Pet Lounge by Kenneth Cobonpue

This pet bed looks fabulous in a Florida room or as a pet-friendly addition to beachy or country-inspired quarters. It comes in whitewash or brown. (UnicaHome, $750)


Cafe au Lait Dog Tent

If you’re in serious need of a statement piece, why not make it one that keeps your four-legged friend cozy, with an easy way to get a little privacy from more rambunctious guests. Made of luxurious (and easy-to-clean) microsuede and a chocolate brown wooden spire, your furry friend will be the talk of the town (or your living room, at least). (, $140)


Mini Sofa Leather Pet Bed

You’ll have no problem keeping Fido off the couch if you give him his very own leather sofa. It may look like a couch for animals of the two-legged variety, but it’s sized just for him. This handmade sofa is upholstered with high-quality leatherette, making it easier to clean than your real-leather sofa. (Amazon, $75)

Fancy spots for your feline

Maybe even more than dogs, cats like to be pampered. Give them a spot of their very own.

Stylish cat beds


Pretty in Pink Pet Bed

Perhaps your little girl loves her new kitty, but Mittens isn’t too fond of the current sleeping arrangement. This fanciful princess pet tent will let her sleep in style alongside your little angel in the protection of her own canopy bed. (BaxterBoo, $212)


PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge Deluxe

This ultra-modern art deco lounge also doubles as a scratcher. The eco-friendly design attracts cats naturally and it’s a cozy spot to play with the other cats or do what cats do best… chillax. (, $50)


Merry Pet MPS002 Wood Room with View Pet House

Give your cats a place to play and relax in your outdoor oasis. This wood pet bed with an upstairs play area will keep cats entertained while you sip margaritas and take in the landscape. (Amazon, $130)


Cat Washroom-Nightstand Pet House

With a pillow inside, it becomes a stylish cat bed that doubles as your nightstand. Or put it in the bathroom with a litter box inside. Either way, your cat will enjoy her privacy without marring your well-honed style. (1800PetSupplies, $80)


LazyBonezz Metropolitan Pet Bunk Bed

Perfect for multi-cat households, this little bunk bed has sleek lines and a fresh look. It comes with two liner selections — one in beautiful charcoal imitation suede for a more masculine vibe, and the other a fanciful zebra print that’s well suited to a bolder gal’s furnishings, which may even cause your kitty to dream of hunting antelope! (Amazon, $309)

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