Find the best leash for your dog

Spring is almost here, which means it’s time to get outdoors with your pup! From hands-free to retractable to eco-friendly and more, here are our best leash picks for spring and beyond!

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Hands-free leash

Hands-free leash

If you multitask when out walking Fido, the Stunt Puppy Hands Free leash is just for you because it leaves your hands free to focus on your run (or hold your child’s hand or your cell phone) instead. With an adjustable waist belt and connector, this lightweight leash is fit for walkers and runners of all sizes. (, $31)


Spring leash

Spring leash

Nothing says spring is here like flowers, so buy this pretty In Bloom leash to welcome everyone’s favorite season. Made of strong hemp webbing and complete with decorative pink flowers, what pretty pup would say no to this beauty? We’ll take it! (, $38)


Strong and sturdy

Strong and sturdy

Is your dog stronger than you are? For the burly canine that has a tendency to pull, get The Walkie No Pull to keep him in line. Gentle yet effective, this clever leash clips to your dog’s collar and then loops around his chest so when he pulls, it applies pressure that stops the pulling. This is one leash that will help ensure you’re walking your dog and not the other way around. (, $29)


Leash for two

Leash for two

The Petmate Take Two leash makes walking two furry family members a snap. The patented, tangle-free swivel is the secret to this well-made leash, which will prevent any embarrassing tangles at the park. It also has a comfortable padded hand loop to boot! Clip to your pets’ collars and go! (, $20)




Make Mother Nature smile with this eco-friendly leash pick — the Planet Petco Striped Eco Dog leash. Colorful and fun, this chic leash is actually made from recycled plastic bottles! Yes, you read right! Made by a revolutionary process, it proves that recycled products can be functional and fashionable. What’s not to love? (, $17)


Classic luxury

Classic luxury

For the dapper dog who must have the best, Best In Park has the answer. The Bedford Lead, made of durable Italian leather, has that classic charm and is just what your pup needs to feel like the king that he is. Made in Australia, this beauty gets our vote. (, $70)


Stroll in the park

Flexi Explore retractable leash

Give your pup some space with the Flexi Explore retractable leash perfect for a leisurely stroll in the park. With 26 feet of leeway, your pup won’t even remember he’s on a leash. Once you’ve left the park, reel it in and lock it in place to keep your dog safely by your side. (, $26) 


Country roaming

Release N Run leash f

Every dog looks forward to a leisurely off-leash walk in the country. With the Release N Run leash from Rad Dog that retracts right into the collar, you’ll forget all about the leash until it’s time to pull it out again when the walk is over. This innovative leash/collar will keep your hands free to do other things, like throw a ball! (, $39) 


City life

Four Paws Nite Brite Reflecting Leash

City living is hectic, so keep your dog safe and right next to you at all times with the Four Paws Nite Brite Reflecting Leash. The reflective material that glows in the dark can be seen from 200 feet away, making it ideal for nighttime walks. Also, the sturdy material means this leash won’t break if your dog decides to pull. ( $18)


Everyday leash

Red Dingo Classic Lead

Need a regular leash that just gets you from point A to point B? The Red Dingo Classic Lead is an affordable everyday leash for walks in your neighborhood. Available in a variety of colors and three sizes, this durable nylon lead with a nickel buckle is a great addition to your leash collection. (, $11)

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