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Splurge vs. steal: Celebrity yoga pants

Most of us look like tomato-faced sweat balls when we work out, but celebs somehow keep their smokin’ hot good looks, even when they’re running a marathon. Maybe it’s genetics. Maybe it’s their entourage of stylists. But maybe, just maybe, it’s their yoga pants.

There’s no doubt that most celebs have a fashion budget that’s bigger than the cost of your car, but just because they have the luxury of shelling out cash on the latest workout wear doesn’t mean you can’t get the look for less. Check out a few of our favorite celebs in yoga pants — and how you can steal the look.

Hot crops

Get Reese Witherspoon's active look

Celeb yoga pants: Zobha, $68

The “steal” yoga pants: Frederick’s of Hollywood, $36

The total look for less: $78

Reese Witherspoon could make a bag look good, but there’s no doubt that her Zobha Straight Leg Capris are a slimming and attractive workout option. For only $68, you may be able to mimic Reese’s look to a T, but if you’re on a tighter budget, you can’t go wrong with the Frederick’s of Hollywood Athleisure Capri Pant for just $36. With some cash to spare, you can finish mimicking Reese’s look by layering an Xersion Carbonized French Terry Hoodie (JCP, $14) over a BKE Basic Tank Top (Buckle, $16). Just pop a pair of The Pilot Premium Aviator Sunglasses on your face (80s Purple, $12), and you could practically be her twin!

Patterned and pretty

Get Emma Slater's active look

Celeb yoga pants: PROSKINS, $120

The “steal” yoga pants: Cozy Lady Wear, $45

The total look for less: $168

Gone are the days of plain yoga pants! This season’s hottest trend is form-fitting graphic styles that, truth be told, are a little out there. But you know what? Sometimes “a little out there” is a good thing, and goodness knows, who wouldn’t want to look as fab (and flexible) as Dancing with the Stars’ Emma Slater? To get her eye-catching look, you can pick up a pair of graphic PROSKINS SLIM Floral Print Full-Length Leggings for $120.

As cool as they are, if that price point is a little out of your reach, try Cozy Lady Wear’s Printed Legging Yoga Pant at $45. Just top it with a slouchy black tee (Miss Selfridge, $32) and add some color with high-top Chucks (MyTheresa, $86) and a fun sports bra (Forever 21, $5). With almost no effort, you’ll be dancing your way into the gym in style!


Get Alessandra Ambrosio's active look

Celeb yoga pants: Day by Day, $119

The “steal” yoga pants: YogaGlyphs, $42

The total look for less: $233

Sweatpants aren’t just for lazy Saturdays and gym class anymore. Slouchy yoga apparel is gaining steam, something supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is happy to get on board with. As a cult-follower of Day by Day’s graphic, muted-color sweats, Alessandra always looks fresh and sexy when out and about in her workout gear. You can pick up a pair of your own for $119 from retailers like, but if you can’t afford $119 sweatpants, we have a solution for you! Instead of hunting down an exact graphic replica of Day by Day’s style, try picking up a more subtle slouchy pant, like the Yoga X pants from YogaGlyphs (YogaGlyphs, $42). You can still mimic Alessandra’s style by layering an apricot-colored top over the pants (Yoox, $45) and choosing a colorblock sports bra to go underneath (Roxy, $48). Finish off the look by toting a larger-than-life bag (Nine West, $50), carrying a graphic coffee mug (Pendleton, $28) and throwing on some faux sheepskin boots (Amazon, $20).

Stage sexy

Get Britney Spear's stage look

Celeb yoga pants: BodyRock Sport, $99

The “steal” yoga pants: C9 by Champion, $40

The total look for less: $147

No one does “stage sexy” better than Britney Spears, and believe it or not, she sometimes takes center stage in yoga pants. No, they’re not your average yoga pants, but they are yoga pants nonetheless.

In her Twister Dance video, Britney went head-to-toe BodyRock Sport, opting for their Moto Leggings (BodyRock Sport, $99) and a luxe $20,000 BodyRock Sport bra. We’re taking a shot in the dark here thinking that you probably can’t afford the exact same look, but there’s nothing stopping you from looking stage-sexy at the gym. Just rock it out in a pair of C9s by Champion Premium Tights (Target, $40), pairing them with BodyRock Sport’s Andrea Bra, practically a steal at the comparatively low $77. For a little extra cover-up, á la Britney, throw a flyaway vest over the top (Buckle, $30).

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