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6 Ridiculous pet gadgets you might actually want

Think that pet gadget you need is too bizarre to exist? Think again. We rounded up the craziest pet technology you might actually want to buy.

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make that?

Think that pet gadget you need is too bizarre to exist? Think again. We rounded up the craziest pet technology you might actually want to buy.

We can all see the inherent benefit of a smartphone-enabled home security system for checking in on our pets while we’re away, but believe it or not, that’s not the only pet tech on the market. Some of our favorite picks seem a little bizarre at first, but when you think about it, they could actually come in pretty handy.


Nostalgia’s Dog Biscuit Maker

Dog Biscuit Maker

Your pet can’t actually make his own treats, but you and the kids will have a blast doing it for him. With the Dog Biscuit Maker from Nostalgia, you can whip up a batch of cookies for Fido in under 5 minutes. It even comes with a decorating kit. (eBay, $50)


The Laser Chase Toy

The Laser
Chase Toy

We’ve all used a laser pen or flash light to project an irresistibly uncatchable “toy” on the floor for the cat to chase. The Laser Chase Toy lets up to two animals stalk ’til they drop by projecting a laser on the ground that darts along in unpredictable patterns, taking advantage of your furry friend’s natural instinct to chase quickly moving objects. Dogs like it, too! (Hammacher Schlemmer, $40)


The Carlyle Spa Bed

The Carlyle
Spa Bed

The Carlyle Heated Spa Bed will look great in any room in your house, made in a contemporary style with zebra wood veneer and a plush cushion. But we’re listing gadgets, and that’s exactly what this is. There are radiant heat panels on both sides to surround your four-legged pal with gentle warmth. It’s great to relax a stressed-out pooch or relieve arthritis pain in your elderly cat. Looks so comfy, we might buy one for ourselves! (The Uncommon, $358)


Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine

Dog Bubble Machine

If you’ve never seen the exuberant joy as your dog excitedly leaps to snap bubbles from the air, you’re missing out. Dogs love bubbles — almost as much as they love bacon. The folks at Bubbletastic have combined these two canine favorites into one fun device with a bubble-blowing machine that spits out bacon-scented bubbles. Is it childish? Most decidedly. But you’ll have just as much fun as your pooch! (Amazon, $20)


Stink Free Stink-Finder Ultra-Violet Light & Flashlight

Stink Free Stink-Finder

CSI: K-9 Unit… That’s right, this little handheld gadget is exactly what you think it is. But you don’t need crazy colored glasses or a badge to get your hands on it. The ultra-violet light illuminates biological contamination (urine, feces, vomit, etc.) and gives you a leg up when you start to smell that not-so-fresh smell and can’t locate the offending area. (PetCo, $16)


Hamster Racer

Hamster Racer

Vroom-vroom! This one gets our vote for either the cleverest or the craziest pet gadget we found — we’re honestly not sure which. But we’re also not sure we care. It couldn’t get more adorable and even if your hamster or gerbil doesn’t really think they’re a Formula 1 racer (or even realize that’s supposed to be a racecar), you’ll have fun pitting your wee rodents against one another in a race for (gasp!) pinks. (Firebox, $29) 

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