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4 Steps to a radiant red carpet glow

Cindy Joseph

When you see the actresses nominated for the 2013 Academy Awards walking the red carpet this year, most likely you will make note of the makeup, hairstyles, accessories and gowns that dazzle the onlookers. But what about that red carpet glow?

Woman with glowing skin

That radiant glow most likely comes from healthy skin and happiness. Healthy skin starts with a healthy lifestyle, good diet, exercise, fresh air, sleep and sunshine. And happiness comes from taking joy in one’s life.

…But that’s not to say you can’t get a similar look with some magic makeup.



Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Wear a thin veil of foundation over very well moisturized skin. After applying the foundation, wait for it to dry and apply the tiniest bit of moisturizer with a blotting motion over your foundation to create a dewy “real skin” look.

Try: Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and Boomsilk moisturizer by Cindy Joseph.

Note: Do not use powder — it dulls the skin, creating dryness and texture. Skin is a live breathing organ. The more alive it looks, the more radiant you look.


Boomstick Glimmer by Cindy Joseph

Use a cream based pearlescent highlighter to add extra luster and radiance to your skin. Place that on your eyelids, upper cheek bones, brow bone, clavicle bones, shoulders and decollete. Make sure it’s not frosted but pearlescent.

Try: Ramy Juicy CheeksBoomstick Glimmer by Cindy Joseph or High Beam by Benefit.

Quick tip: Don’t have a pearl highlighter? Any pearly lipstick that blends with your skin tone can be used.


Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

Add only a delicate touch of believable blush color… meaning it blends with your skin tone. Place it where you naturally blush when you’re embarrassed — on your upper forehead, sides of your neck, the center of your chest and corner of brow bones.

Try: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush.




For that natural radiance, no makeup look, you should not detect any eye makeup. Use one coat of non-fiber mascara and do not use black unless your eyelashes are naturally black. One coat only!

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