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Say ahh: Spa treatment trends we can’t wait to indulge in

With spring in the air, we’re thinking about shedding winter layers and showing a bit more skin. Get gorgeous from top to bottom with our expert tips for these beauty-boosting spa treatments.

Mud face mask

We asked A-list beauty expert and founder of Skinsations Spa LeAine Dehmer to share her top picks for hot spa trends to try this spring.

Cellulite detox treatments

Dreading bikini season because of cellulite? Think about trying a cellulite detox to help get into beach-ready shape. “Cellulite is not fat, it’s toxins trapped in the upper fat tissue of the body. You have to know what cellulite is to treat it properly,” begins Dehmer. Compression wraps that claim to melt away fat aren’t the way to go, however, since they don’t actually target cellulite. “Detox wraps can literally remove inches of unsightly bulges and ripples from your body,” she says. “They are dramatically effective and healthy for your body.”

A cellulite detox treatment aims to boost circulation, helping flush the toxins out of the upper tissue of your body through the lymphatic system, explains Dehmer. “Spring is the perfect season to detox from the winter loading and bloating, and when you begin your cellulite treatments to be summer and bikini beach ready.”

Facial skin peels

Transition your skin from winter to summer with the help of a skin peel. “Not only can we pack on extra pounds in the winter, but we also pack on an abundance of dead skin cell buildup from excessive forced heat and chilling winds, and physical layers of oils, waxes and silicones from those heavier winter creams,” explains Dehmer. “A skin peel will help make your skin breath, glow and come alive.” Expect your peel to be done in a series of six (one peel twice a week for three weeks), and note that professional peels need to be performed by a licensed skin-care therapist, nurse or doctor. “Each peel works deeper into the skin to remove the layers of dead skin cells,” explains Dehmer.

Full body peels

Get ready to spring clean your whole body. After a long winter, you’ve likely noticed white flakes attached to your tights or nylons, or dry, itchy skin all over. If that’s the case, you might want to indulge in a full body peel, says Dehmer. Your body will be soaked and pampered with natural fruit enzymes and acid and exotic plant oils from around the world. “This deep peel turns your body into silk with a velvety feel for weeks,” she tells us.

Dehmer says the full body peel beats a traditional salt or sugar scrub when it comes to giving your skin a smooth and healthy glow. “They can only dust off the surface flakes,” she explains. “A body peel completely removes the entire dead-skin buildup, which is why your results last for weeks.” A body peel is also a great precursor to tanning treatments since it gets your skin so smooth.

Full body mud facial

Shake off the last of the winter blues — and get a mega beauty boost all over — by getting a little dirty. Dehmer suggests a detoxifying mud treatment to really revitalize from top to toe. “What women wouldn’t want a baby soft, silky hair and body? Detoxing every pore of your body, this enzyme mud therapy exfoliates and detoxes your body,” she explains. These treatments work to unclog pores to increase oxygen to your body and boost your body’s ability to absorb products, while at the same time nourishing and softening with minerals.

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The scalp facial

When it comes to spa treatments, we usually think of facials or body treatments. But this spring, don’t forget about your scalp. The scalp facial is poised for popularity — with good reason. “This treatment bounces out winter hair dullness, dryness and lack of volume,” says Dehmer. Not to mention, think about how much you love your hair shampooed at the salon: “This treatment is scalp, hair and massage on overdrive,” she affirms. You can expect an enzyme scalp exfoliant to cleanse hair follicles, adding volume. Then essential oils hydrate, nourish and add shine to your hair. A scalp, neck and shoulder massage relieves stress and tension for a soothing experience.

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