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Oscar hair: How will the leading ladies wear their locks?

We asked Debi Dumas, Hollywood’s master of hair color, how she would do these leading ladies’ hair for the Oscars. Here’s what she said!

Naomi Watts

The blondes

Naomi Watts

Naomi is a great example of this season’s buttery blonde — her one process color totally screams 2013! She will look spectacular in a bright red or shimmery golden dress, and a loose, wavy chignon. Her blonde is golden and sunny and she will keep her look classic and simple to make her both memorable and stylish.

Amanda Seyfried

This Les Mis star will shine, even without a personal nomination. She’s this year’s perfect “ombre” girl. She really got it right, as her golden blonde starts deeper at the crown and gradually gets more platinum toward the tips. Amanda will look spectacular with her hair deeply parted, and some wide Veronica Lake-ish sort of waves stacked off to one side. Sexy, but sophisticated.

Helen Hunt

Helen shines as our “natural sun streaked blonde.” Her hair has that beachy champagne hue, and hand-painted highlights make her color pop. All my clients request this look during summer. I think she will hit the carpet in a rich deep blue or a sparkly silver gown and a more defined, but soft, updo.

Anne Hathaway

The browns

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is rockin’ the short do in style. While the majority of the actresses are going long, Anne has chosen that classic, shagged pixie in a rich chocolate brown. I would throw in a few caramel brown pieces to give her hair a bit more texture, but nonetheless, she will be a showstopper. I predict a strapless fitted gown, in black or emerald green to accentuate her flawless skin, and some soft finger waves in the hair, a la pinup girl.

Jennifer Garner

This year’s awards are all about her husband, but Jennifer won’t let him down on his big night. Her brunette locks will be Oscar worthy with warm chestnut and honey face-framing highlights.

I think Jennifer should wear her hair down with sexy, light waves that complement her without making an overly bold statement. Smoky natural makeup with chunky earrings. Hot, with a twist of class.

Jennifer Lawrence

My Oscar winner, both on the carpet and the podium. I’m in love with everything about this girl. Jennifer’s hair is a perfect combination of golden brown, with a splattering of multidimensional highlights. She really emulates how beautiful brunette can be when it’s spiced up with some thin textured golden pieces. I predict she will come to the carpet elegant but coiffed. I see her as the frontrunner of glam — think Audrey Hepburn meets Princess Kate.

Jessica Chastain

The redheads

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain has the chance to SHINE as our brightest coppery redhead this year. While she’s gone soft and simple for the past awards, I think the Academy is where she’s going to “bring it.”

I would add in a few deeper vibrant red and strawberry pieces to make her hair color pop. I see her in a flowy nude gown with her hair whisked off to one side by a sparkly hair clip.


Adele holds a style all her own, and I’m sure she’s claiming a golden statue for her performance in Skyfall. I love this reddish hue SO much more than her previous blonde. The golden bits help to break up her thick mane of hair, giving it some texture and contrast. I see Adele with a Brigitte Bardot updo and a heavily brocaded crimson dress. Think British royalty meets French sex kitten.

Amy Adams

Amy is our spectacular “strawberry” red. 2013 is all about warming up hair color, and Amy leads the pack. Her locks perfectly match her warm freckled skin, and this lighter red choice gives her an A+ on the red carpet. I think she should wow the crowd with an intricate wavy chignon and a fitted, vibrantly colored dress.

Helen Miren

The pinks

Helen Mirren

This is the wild card… will Helen show up with the same pink locks as she did at BAFTA?? I’m saying no. While it was fun and youthful, I think Helen will grace the Academy with her always sophisticated and stunning silver locks. Hitchcock was all about the element of surprise, but I’m not sure that pink hair on his lead actress would be what he had in mind. I would put Dame Helen back to her beautiful blondish color by the time the red carpet rolls out in Hollywood.

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